Friday, December 2, 2011

The tree is up! Christmas can now officially begin!

Today me and my husband finished decorating the Christmas tree! At least, I did. He decided I was putting too many balls on it. But I say, the more balls the better the tree! And we need a lot of balls to make this icky fake free look good. Next year we'll go hunt a real tree for sure.
As soon as my lovely husband of one week gets off the computer, I will put up a few pictures of our big day and a picture of my beautiful shiny tree.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So ... I really want to start updating the blog more regularly, hopefully get some new graphics or something for it ... (because mine are crappy done and my hair changes too often). So, maybe Alex will make something for me, a fancy new banner or something? And I'm going to start posting at LEAST once a week but ideally, daily. OKAY LET'S DO THIS.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


So I came to the apartment after work, and Alex is all "There is a mouse under the stove." And I'm like for reals man? Alex had been looking all day and found nowhere that the mouse could have come in through, no holes or cracks anywhere. So Alex had gotten a bunch of traps and set them up in every room, but no luck. So I came in and he was trying to scare it out from under the stove to show me, then he jumped out from behind the microwave! THEN he ran behind the stove. So we inched the stove away from the wall, and I took one of the traps which was in a paper bag and put it between the stove and the wall so he would have no choice but to run into the bag if he came my way. Alex took the other side and scared it, it ran into the bag, I picked up the bag and then I handed the bag to Alex. Then Alex said "What should we do?" And I said, "Shake it, and see if he trap closes on the mouse." And Alex handed it to me and said, "i don't have the heart to do that, you do it." And I tried and it didn't work. So we were like, what now? And Alex said to hit the bag on the wall, so the trap goes off. So I gave it to Alex and that's what he did, and it went off. Then we slowly opened the bag, and the trap was just sitting there, upside down. The trap moved and the mouse crawled out frm under it, all in one piece. So we just took it out to the balcony and shook the bag til the mouse jumped out off of the balcony. hehehehehehe.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The apartment.

Since I don't have my camera cord at the moment I will be unable to show the pictures I took of the place, which is a total ghetto. Really though, all I can smell currently is pot. Mmm mmm yummah. So Alex and I spent the whole day cleaning the place because there was a HUUUUGE amount of boxes to take out because of moving here and now that everything is unpacked we went and recycled everything. Well, Alex did, and I stayed behind and vaccuumed and did the big pile of dishes because I'm the woman. (Don't worry, Alex cooks everything. Hehehehe)

After all the cleaning Alex and I were being dinks and took some marvelous photos with the filters on Alex's webcam.


I have to keep this around because it scares Alex.

I have to keep this around because it scares ME.




Monday, July 25, 2011


So my last post was about Harry Potter, and now here's another post about Harry Potter. Because I saw it again and OH MY GRASH, GIRLS. It was soooo good again. There was like, no one in the theatre though which is odd seeing as it's a big deal and has only been out for a week and everything. Ah well.

I went with my new friends! Dustin and Bryan. FINALLY people I can be ME around! I thought I would make friends at work but then it turns out I have ZERO in common with them ... Alex is my one and only man and I'm sooooo in love with that little cutie, and since he can't move here just yet and the girls at work are all single and go home with a different man every night, so they're all "Let's go for drinks!" and I'm all "Sounds like fun!" and the first time I was kinda shocked ... we were sitting around the table just chatting, then all of a sudden one of them was like "Oh see the guy in the black? I'm going with him tonight!" Then they turned to me and asked me who I wanted, and I'm like "Dude .... I got a man I don't need NOBODOY else." .............. "Oh but he's not here, not like he's gonna know."

Me and my friends are not like that! I've never actually hung out with someone who was that desperate to get an STD. I mean ... I know there are people who like to do that kind of stuff but it's just never been for me and my friends ... we're a little smarter ;) But no, if that's your lifestyle then whatevs, I'm not going to judge, but I just can't imagine being that way. It's just not quite ..... wholesome ... and I don't care if Alex isn't here, I'm his girl and only his. And GUARANTEED if I went ahead and did that, he would find out eventually. I've never heard of anyone getting away with cheating.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the matter. And that is why I just don't know if I can be friends with those girls. Don't get me wrong, they're totally cool and super nice and everything, but like I said, ZILCHO in common HURR HURR zilcho...


Dustin and Bryan are friggin hilarious. I feel SO much better hanging out with guys than with girls and ALEX - I appreciate that you don't get jealous of that fact :) You're awesome babe and I miss you. I hope Alex likes these guys too. I think he will ... maybe we can form a new posse since we'll be here without Torrance and Romer. Torrance would be Bryan because he fell asleep twice during Harry Potter, and Romer is not either of them because neither one did anything that reminded me of Romer really. I mean aside from the fact that falling asleep during an epic movie is something that Torrance would do, neither one is like Torrance either. But I still had a blast with them and now I can go to the bar to just chill and play pool rather than dance until I'm the only one left at the club because I haven't let any guys pick me up and now I have to get a $40 cab home ALL BY MYSELF. Yeah. It's happened. >:(

Where did I meet them? At church lol

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter!

Harry Potter! Harry Potter! Harry Potter at midnight!

Friday, June 24, 2011

What a good day! I had I think, 10 or 11 clients so it was considerably busier than yesterday for me. Lots of walk-ins in the afternoon. I had one little girl who was the cutest, most hyper, crazy, funny girl I've ever seen. It was hard to cut her hair ... but at least she was adorable. She had long hair when she came in, but she had cut a big chunk off of the side so I had to cut it all to about half-way down her ear. It ended up suiting her very well and looked so sweet. She was so giggly and funny, probably the highlight of my day haha.

Waking up this morning was BRUTAL though. There's no heat in this basement and having to crawl out from under the covers at 6:30 in the morning is no fun. No fun at all. But it ended up being a great day at work and I am quickly settling into the groove of things, and it makes me excited for tomorrow!

Also I found this picture that I had taken of myself with my webcam on the day I graduated. The last day when I was actually allowed to do my makeup like this and not have all my piercings hidden ... alas, work has forced me to become a "weekend goth" (although I work every weekend, so I guess it's a weekDAY goth .... but you know what I mean).

I am now relaxing and watching the Pirates of the Carribbean ... it just skipped a little bit and now I am sad :(

OH YEAH also, I saw a jack rabbit on the walk to work this morning. Pretty much my walk goes like this: urban area/houses, big horse paddok, city park, city ... yeah, a huge horse paddok in the middle of the city pretty much. That's why this place rocks.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

First day of work

I just got home from my first day at work ... it was fun! And looooong ... 11 hours if a looooong shift. But I would rather four eleven hour shifts and three days off over five eight hour shifts and only two days off. So I think I can easily get used to it...

Yup, so I moved here on Tuesday and am living with my Auntie Pam right now until I'm settled and can find another place to live. Alex isn't with me yet, he had to stay behind but he will be here for the July 15th weekend for Harry Potter of course, and to look for a job and check out the school he wants to go to. Hopefully he will be here by August/my birthday!

Anyway, now that I've started my job, I think I will be able to get more into the swing of things and hopefully be able to update this blog more often. I've been in a much better mood now that I've left that silly town and that certainly makes me want to blog more ... when I'm in a bad mood there is nothing that I would want posted publicly on the Internet that goes through my head ... so it is definitely a lot easier to blog now that I'm able to be happier. I try to stay positive, but honestly, I think I'm one of the biggest pessimists out there. I find it so hard to look for "silver linings" and such and I have a lot of fears that I honestly think were thrust upon me just from being in a town where I never felt sincerely accepted. But I'm away from all that and I just want to completely restart my whole life. I'm living in an absolutely gorgeous city, I'm engaged to the man of my dreams (hehe <3) and I'm ready to make some new friends. I'm going to start over and be a more positive, bold, fierce Blythe.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Got a job!

At a lovely salon 7 hours away from this little ol' town... that's right! Blythe is moving to the city! I write my final exam on Wednesday and leave the following Monday! Til then... gotta study :/

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Take THAT, global warming.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lately, I find myself missing my long hair a LOT. But I suppose this could just be one of those phases, I always switch back and forth between loving my hair and hating my hair. Though I think I would like my hair a teeny tiny bit better if it was a teeny tiny bit longer. Ah well. We just have to be patient I guess.

I also find myself missing my camera cord a lot lately. The only alternative is my webcam, and my only webcam is the one attached to my laptop, so naturally it is the worst possible quality. I think I look positively spooky in it ...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Everyone still around?

Here I am, run inside after an absolutely GORGEOUS day, now cowering from the thunder/lightning/hail storm now raging outside. There has been a thunderstorm every day this week, but this is the first time hail has ever been in the picture. It's died down now, it's only pouring and a little bit of thunder. I just wish this weather on other parts of the province ... there is a province-wide fire ban due to forest fires all around the area ... and about 60% of a town a couple hours away has burned to the ground, leaving a large portion of their population homeless. I can't even imagine ... but I've been praying for God to send them some of our weather.

Speaking of God, I'm still here ... guess I wasn't good enough for Him at the time of the Rapture yesterday. Although, everyone made it to church this morning, and you'd think in all those people at least someone would have evaporated out of their clothes. So I'm thinking ... the guy who did those calculations is a slight nutcase. I wonder when the next Rapture is ... not til December 2012 I guess. I'll just have to be gooder in time for that world ending so I can be saved ...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just got back from seeing Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides... it reminded me of Harry Potter. I was disappointed in Blackbeard ... he was more of a wizard than a pirate and had a crew of dummies. You'd think the terror of the seas would have a legit badass crew, wouldn't you? And I don't know ... the whole movie just reminded me of Harry Potter for some reason. It was good ... just different from the other Pirates movies. That's all. And I don't like the blonde Captain Jack ...

He just isn't the same.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday the 13th

This day was not unlucky for me at all! Well, maybe a little bit, but not until the very end of the day!

So we began travel on Thursday night, as it is the MOST unlucky to begin a journey on Friday the 13th and there is no way I'm missing out on this trip! Then the next day, I went and saw RAMMSTEIN and Chombichrist! Fuck it was a good show. I wanted to post some pictures on here but I can't find my stupid camera cord... sigh. Well, I will just write down some of the highlights.

=> Chombichrist had their strobe lights going the whole time and lead singer Andy was covered in latex paint, which at the end he peeled off and threw at the audience. I got a piece! Unfortunately I rolled it into a ball and put it in my bra for safe keeping, then at the end of the show I had sweated all over it and it was stuck in ball form and wasn't nearly as cool as it was when it was still stretchy and weird. So I threw it away. But the point is, I got some.
=> Also at the end of their show, the two drummers chucked their drums across the stage. Kind of a fun way to top it off. I have to wonder though, do their drums only last a couple shows each? Or are the drums they toss props that they sneakily replace their real drums with? We'll never know ...
=> Rammstein had to do something controversial of course, and they used dead babies. Well, dolls. About thirty of them were hanging from the ceiling then they all exploded. It was ... weird.
=>FIRE. Lots of it. Gas masks that breathed fire. A revolver that shot fire. Giant gold wings that caught on fire. Fire works. TWELVE pyro-cannons. Shit, I thought I was going to die at the end of their second set, I had both hands in the air and all twelve cannons went off and there was no room in the mosh pit, I couldn't put my hands back down! It was so hot, and I was about 2 metres away from the stage! I can't imagine what being ON the stage would be like!
=> Rammstein was kind enough to cool us off with a bubble cannon. Like the ones the Jonas Brothers have. Only cooler because it's not a band that only moms like.
=> This was my favourite part. The Rammstein keyboardist (not sure on his name...) was sooo boring at the beginning of the show. He was dressed all black and didn't do anything but play his keyboard ... then all of a sudden he ripped off the black to reveal a silver glittery jumpsuit! THEN he started walking (he was on a treadmill) ... then the treadmill started revolving and he was playing the keyboard on his one side then on the other side then both at the same time ... I couldn't take my eyes off him the whole night thanks to his glitter. Ooh, then he pulled out a dingy, tossed it on the crowd, jumped in and sailed away. He was the most random guy and by far my favourite.
=> In conclusion, three sets was not enough, I was so beat up and bruised from the pit and my feet hurt from standing but I was not ready for them to be done. I would DEFINITELY see Rammstein again, I've loved both them and Chombichrist since grade 9!

There were these guys in the mosh pit while we were waiting for the show to start who kept telling me to get out of there because I was going to be killed. I know that 4'11" isn't much, but I just kept telling them, I'm not leaving and I'm not scared of any mosh pit! They kept telling me to leave though, then some random guy jumped in and said, "GUYS. She's not scared. She'll be fine. Just shut the fuck up. She'll be fine." I appreciated them, and he kept my back for the entire show. He had an extrememly loud voice and he yelled "heads up!" every time a crowd surfer came around so I had time to duck. I only got kicked in the head twice! I just wish I could find my camera cord ... I would love to post some blurry pictures from the highlights ... ha, my camera is the WORST at taking these kind of pictures but I don't care!

Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm going to stop making promises because we all know what happens when I try to do that. I'm just going to make posts when I can and I have a feeling that, now that the snow has FINALLY started melting, I won't be so lazy! We'll see...

I will begin with a picture of Alex and me, the day we got engaged!

April 16, 2011

Yep so I haven't been engaged for a week yet but it's so exciting! I'm getting a little sick of hearing about my own engagement though ...


I don't know why but we talk like that every time my engagement comes up. Must be the excitement. As far as plans go for the actual wedding, well ... I have a lot of being busy to do for the next year, what with finding a job, moving to the city, finishing school, starting and finishing apprenticing, then getting my journeymen and red seal ... so actual planning probably won't start for reals until February/March of next year. I hope to have my wedding in the winter of 2012/2013, so that gives me plenty of time to plan! I don't want to be one of those ladies who is like, work, then plan wedding, then work and plan wedding at work. BAH you know how they are. Frazzled bridezillas ick, I want to be a happy, excited, stress-free-as-possible bride!

Here's the ring - nice and dainty, suits me :)

And one more little picture that is due to bring about a nice little laugh. This was me last Thursday - I had a big sty on my eye and had to go home from school ... I knew I would be sent home, but I wanted to go anyway just to show off how ridiculous I looked!

Like Quasi Moto right?

Alright, back to laundry and cleaning ... have to get ready for the cousins for our Good Friday family dinner!

Monday, March 21, 2011

March on my Hello Kitty calendar is a beautiful sunshiney, green grass day.

Real life March has about four feet of snow, and it is currently snowing heavily.

Happy Spring First everyone!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dude. I just keep getting better and better and better and NOT blogging. Time to crack down again. I'm going to keep the goals small this time, I want to post at LEAST once a week. I'll hold myself to it this time.

Today I spent a lot of time cleaning. I didn't quite finish though, because I decided to stop and go to the gym with some friends of mine. We were planning on doing weights then going swimming, but stupid me forgot about the swimming part and had to sit by myself while everyone else went in. Sigh... it wasn't so bad, but I wish I could have joined.

After lunch I went to Alex's crib to meet his brother from another mother. Turns out his dad had a baby before he met his mom and voila! Alex is a half-uncle of five little kids. Who knew? I think the whole experience is really exciting and awesome and fun and fantastic, but everyone else seems so worried. Alex's mom is worried about them not getting along, but at the end of the visit Alex's brother invited us all over to his house for supper next week. I don't see what there is to worry about. Barry's family seems to really like Alex's family and really wants to know them, but Alex's family is all freaking out about it. I think it would be so much fun to learn about another family you didn't know you were related to, and to meet them and become friends after so many years! But then again, I'm not in Alex's family so maybe an outsider's point of view is just different. I had a lot of fun making play-dough sculptured with the kids though! Two of them had mohawks. They're off to a good, stylish start.

We had family movie night at my house tonight and we watched Chicago. Jack had just finished a run of Chicago, he played banjo in the orchestra. For a small-town production, they did pretty well for a such a small town putting on a big Broadway musical. The acting was ridiculous, but the singing and dancing was very well done.

MAN IT'S COLD. It is currently -25 but feels like -36 out there because of the wind, and it was blizzarding all day. I vaguely remember my friend Tyrel telling me that it was supposed to be a mild winter this year ... I kind of figured it wouldn't be after it snowed for two weeks straight in January, then Candlemas was the hottest day of the season at 2 degrees Celsius (a VERY bad omen)! Don't get me wrong, winter is my favourite season, I think it is the prettiest by FAR. But sometimes it's just tooooo cold. Tomorrow it is supposed to be -27, but luckily there is only a -42 degree wind chill. Yaaaaaaay.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I was doing so well with my New Year's Resolution to blog everyday. Then one night, you get too tired to blog and just want to go to bed, and all of a sudden you're out of the habit. I'll have to crack down again!

Last week, my Wii broke :( It won't read any discs. Alex says they're something wrong with the laser that reads the discs, and Jack says I'd have to send it away to get that fixed. I can't finish Kirby! :( But luckily, yesterday Romer let us borrow his Wii because he never uses it. So, I'll have to start all over, but I can catch up to where I was and finish it! It's a fun game anyway, so I don't mind.

It has not stopped snowing since Monday, and it's been -30 degrees Celsius every day. There must be four feet of snow at least, and the weather channel says we'll be getting another 20cm. I love snow, but I wish it would warm up so I can finally go skiing this year, which I haven't done yet! :(

OOOH and last but definitely not least, I went and saw Black Swan on Friday ... it was fantastically weird, and smart, and nuts, exactly what I expected of that director (though the only other film I've seen by him was the Fountain). I loved it though. Some bits were a bit awkward to be seeing with both your boyfriend and mom (as her birthday present Alex and I took her to see it) at the same time, but it added sort of to the general weirdness of everything.

Friday, January 7, 2011

I had a relatively unproductive morning. I don't remember what I was even doing all morning. I just know that I didn't get anything done. In fact, I don't think I did anything until after 2:00. Because betweent 12:00 and 2:00, Danelle and I were playing Just Dance 2 on her Wii which she had brought to school so we could get some excersizing done over lunch, haha. It worked, too, we managed to get everyone in the school playing at least four songs each. It was friggin hilarious for the most part. Then, after we were all done and sweaty and tired, I got six heads done. I now have 14 out of 142 heads done. I'm on a freakin roll man. One of those heads was colouring Darren's hair red. On his dark hair it didn't show up well, and I warned him about that too ... but oh well, he hated it at first but after I had blow-dryed it he liked it ... so I think it's okay.

After school I went to Rebecca's old house to pick up some of the stuff she had left when she moved away, because I'm going to be going out of town for the weekend and I'll be stopping by to see her of course. I knocked on her door, and you will never guess who answered it. Remember the panty pervert I talked about in some of the older posts? Yeah. Him. Not even kidding. I was looking for Amy, Rebecca's old roommate, and apparently this panty pervert guy (who seemed to me to be very friendly and not very creepy ... I think a lot of the stuff the people at work told me wasn't very true) is now Amy's new roommate. It's a small world ... (but really, it's just a small town).

So I didn't really feel like going into the house when Amy wasn't home, so I went on my way over to Alex's house, where we watched [Rec], which is the Spanish original version of Quarantine (which was such a boring movie). And the whole thing was word for word with the American one, I even think all the names were exactly the same. The only thing that was different was the ending of it, which just about damn terrified me. I couldn't even look. It was just ... scary ... BLEH

So I needed something to lighten the mood, because I had just had a pretty big adrenaline rush (which was absolutely delightful). Alex and I went out to find Just Dance 2, because I had such a blast playing it today and I wanted to play it some more, hehe. We searched Best Buy, Walmart, and Future Shop and had zero luck. Well, it could have been at Future Shop, but those lame-os were closed by the time we got there. In the end, Alex ended up going out and renting it, which works for me! We played it for pretty much the past three-ish hours. My dad got involved, and that was good for a couple songs. I don't really know which is more entertaining, playing it yourself, or watching other people try to play it.

Anyway, I am tired and my back is positively killing me, and I am thankful for massages which are happening tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today, I worked out that I needed to do 142 heads in 32 days. Which means, at least 4 heads a day. I did six today, so I'm on a roll :)

Nothing interesting happened at school ... after school, I came home and ate food, then Alex and I chilled for a bit then went to BTF's with a bunch of friends. AKA Maigyn, Kayte, Shawna, Sarah, and Emilee. We also ran into Allison and Torrance, Romer and Shelby there. Seemed like there just so happened to be a party at BTF's tonight. And I guess there sort of was, what with the hockey game tonight. We weren't there for the hockey game, and after it was finished and people left we had a nice big table all to ourselves.

Then, since most people have places to be in the morning, we went home. And here I am. The end. Yay for short entries...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My room seems like it is so empty now that it's clean. Guess this resolution will take some getting used to ...

Today at school we finally started to learn how to actually CUT hair. We started with two blunt cuts, which were so easy, and I thought it was weird because you really do think that cutting would be a little more complicated than that. After I cut off a half-inch as practice, then went back over it and cut another inch off, we had to do what is called a 180 degree cut, in order to create mullet-like layers. That one is a little more complicated, and I worked on it for about an hour and it's still not done; I have to finish it tomorrow.

After school I went over to Alex's house and built more treehouses, then we were going to try and rent Case 39, because a couple of the girls were talking about it at school and saying it was pretty good and that it was out on DVD today. Apparently our regular-ish rental place didn't get any new releases ... so we found the Human Centipede instead. I now feel like I need to take a nice, long bath, then sleep for a few hours, then take three showers again after I wake up. It was really really stupid, but it didn't stop it from being really really gross. I really should remember how much I am disgusted by gory/torture type of horror movies such as Saw and what not. No more letting my curiosity get the better of me. I will not watch anymore gross horror movies. But, I think I will continue to watch demon/paranormal types of horror movies ... those terrify me lately but I love them anyway.

Now I am going to bed, and hopefully I'll have a happy dream and forget all about the Human Centipede.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Today was the first day back at school after the extremely short holidays. We had a new girl joining us today. Her name was Brooke, and she seems soooo sweet. I waxed her eyebrows and maybe made a new friend? I hope ...

Anyway, this is frustrating: Halfway through the day, Teena realized that it was a stat holiday, and that we were the only college in the province open for classes ... she let us go home at 3:00, but that's only three hours of extra holiday when we could have had ten ... well, shucks. :P

So I walked over to Alex's house and he let me give that Swedish game with the name I couldn't recall, which I learned was Minecraft. Alex had built a series of underground mines, and I am working on a series of treehouses in order to stay away from the enemies. I don't mean to brag but ... mine seems to be working a tad better. HA! That was a total lie. It took me forever to even really get started on the first treehouse, which still isn't even complete even though I was playing for almost two hours. Maybe I will get another chance to play it and it will get better ... maybe ... I mean, the treehouses are fool-proof and creeper-proof, in theory ...

When I got home I ate supper and got to work on cleaning my room and cleaning out my drawers, which I can't even close and my dresser is threatening to topple over!! I managed to get rid of a lot of clothes by putting them in my closet (the ones which I didn't really wear but had other value to me, such as autographed band tee's which I bought at concerts; summer clothes; and clothes that really should have been hanged up rather than folded and squashed into my drawers), and now they close! I even had room to neatly organize my collection of stockings and tights and pantyhose, so perhaps now it will be easier to find the pair I'm looking for each morning ... I also finally got all my make-up compacted into a smaller area. Normally I keep lots of my make-up in my drawers, and then the make-up that I use everyday or use often is packed away in a box which took up a pretty good portion of my desk ... but I didn't really need the whole box just for that amount of make-up. I managed to put it all into a small make-up kit by Betsey Johnson which I got from Alex's family. Now, without the big box taking up all my desk space, I have more room for my random/tacky/stupid little trinkets! :)

(definitely still have some cleaning to do, like wiping off my desk xD)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Today was yet another lazy day for me. My family forgot to wake me up and I ended up sleeping through church, heh ... so I watched Corner Gas all day. Corner Gas is probably the only good thing about Saskatchewan ... which seems pretty interesting if you watch Corner Gas. Don't be fooled though ... there's not much to see there. Unless you like farmlife. Maybe it's just not my thing ...

I did take a break from Corner Gas at one point though, to eat lunch and wax my dad's back using the new GiGi wax pot that my parents got me for Christmas. It worked well ... and I knew that waxing Dad would be really funny, and I expected him to chicken out, but he didn't ... and it was way way way more hilarious than I even expected! Emilee took a video of it ... but I decided to keep that off the Internet, for my poor dad's sake. I can always just use it as black mail later. OHHH ... KELLY CLARKSON!!

After waxing him good and smooth, I went over to Alex's house to chill with him and Chris. Chris showed us some game ... I forget completely what it was called, but apparently it's from Sweden and basically all you do is try and build a shelter and scavenge all the supplies you can before it becomes nighttime and the terrible beasts come out ... I think that's the gist of it. The graphics are hilarious, all blocky, it looks like such an oooold game but is apparently very recent, and very terrifying when the zombies come out at night. I didn't find them all the scary at all ... but maybe it's one of those things where you need to actually be playing the game and getting into it. Eventually we switched to REAL zombies though, and completed a campaign on Left 4 Dead 2, followed by Rock Band 3, followed by a movie called Frailty that Alex and I started watching after Chris left. Unfortunatley, school is starting for me again tomorrow, and I have to go to bed early if I'm ever going to get up on time to actually make it to school for 8:00 ... so we're going to have to finish it tomorrow.

I finally remembered to change my calendar as well. I forgot to yesterday ... but when I got home I realized it hadn't been done so I put up my new one. Better late than never! ... but it's bad luck to change the page of your calendar before the start of the new month. It taunts Death terribly, because you're assuming you'll still be alive in the new month ... so, it's good-bye to the Disney villains ... and Hello Kitty!

I survived the year 2010

100th post!! And Happy New Year!!

Last night was a blast!! I worked all day yesterday, kind of a bummer because I of course, was late to the party because I had to go home and fix my hair/make-up/clothing/whatever. I was slightly disappointed because my hair is too short for my dread falls ... which would have been much fun for the evening. Ah well, no sense in being upset about that though! I managed to still look fairly cute, I think. So after work and fixing myself up I went out to Boston Pizza to eat supper with Alex, Torrance, Romer, Shelby, Kayla, Don, and Naomi. By the time we were ready to leave it was already getting a little crowded with New Year's partiers ... we definitely avoided the bars because of said crowds ... not to mention expensive cover charges! Luckily, we instead managed to find a liquor store that was still open and we picked up a couple bottles of goodies, then went to Romer's house to play Little Big Planet and Black Ops. Naomi and Kayla are first-person-shooter virgins, which was good for me, because although I am quite familiar with first-person-shooters, I'm not that good at them ... but I finally had my chance to OWN at Black Ops! Muahahaha. Then I played again against Torrance and failed miserably ... it was fun while it lasted.

The original plan was to go and watch the New Year's fireworks, which usually start at midnight exactly ... so we left to go to them at 11:30. Romer and I decided to roll down the snowy hill for some reason ... we were freezing after that, but I say it was worth it! So after a freezing walk around to the resevoir in the deserted park, breathing in sulfer-smelling smoke-ish stuff, we realized that our small town is waaaay to lame to actually have the fireworks at midnight exactly, and we discovered that they began at 10:00 instead! It was a very pleasant and fun walk anyway ... albeit, chilly ... but that's my own fault and I have no regrets :)

We picked up candy and Space Balls and indulged for the rest of the evening.

This morning I woke up at Alex's house around 10:10, and we remembered we were supposed to be meeting the crowd from last night for breakfast at 10:00 ... we woke up Torrance and he went, but my head was sore from being so tired and I decided to go back to bed, and since Alex is my ever-loyal boyfriend, he stayed home with me and fed me bagels with cream cheese for lunch. The rest of the day was spent being lazy ... I got around to playing the Sims 3 and Epic Mickey for a bit (Christmas presents from Alex and his mom, haha). And now I'm in bed, about to play more Sims ... it's an addictive and guilty pleasure of mine (but I know I'm not the only one out there!) ;)

I took this picture on my way to Boston Pizza ... I'm not sure I managed all that, maybe I used my skills as an alien from another planet ...