Sunday, May 22, 2011

Everyone still around?

Here I am, run inside after an absolutely GORGEOUS day, now cowering from the thunder/lightning/hail storm now raging outside. There has been a thunderstorm every day this week, but this is the first time hail has ever been in the picture. It's died down now, it's only pouring and a little bit of thunder. I just wish this weather on other parts of the province ... there is a province-wide fire ban due to forest fires all around the area ... and about 60% of a town a couple hours away has burned to the ground, leaving a large portion of their population homeless. I can't even imagine ... but I've been praying for God to send them some of our weather.

Speaking of God, I'm still here ... guess I wasn't good enough for Him at the time of the Rapture yesterday. Although, everyone made it to church this morning, and you'd think in all those people at least someone would have evaporated out of their clothes. So I'm thinking ... the guy who did those calculations is a slight nutcase. I wonder when the next Rapture is ... not til December 2012 I guess. I'll just have to be gooder in time for that world ending so I can be saved ...

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