Thursday, September 30, 2010

My blah week ... briefly ...

Here I am after yet another loooooong week. I am so tired; I haven't been sleeping well at all. Well, it's not that I haven't been sleeping well, it's just that I get so distracted. And I don't mean by the Internet like most insomniacs (or so it seems), but by phone calls from people just needing someone to talk to late into the night, mostly from my darling Alex ... but I'm not complaining about him keeping me up. Talking to him is worth it. :)

Anyway, Monday we got out kits. Teena told us that our curling irons were on back order and that worried me that they would take forEVER but they arrived in good time, at the beginning of our third week. Not too bad at all. Moving everything from the case to the trolley was hard work though ... well, not so much the moving as the cleaning out of the trolley from whoever had it before me... it was disgusting! One drawer was full of hair, the other seemed to have haircolour spilled all over in it, and another was stuffed full of end papers, and it took me so much longer than my other three classmates to finally complete the tasks. Ugh. I am going to be sure and be nice to whoever comes to the school after me, and clean out my trolley properly.

Tuesday, we learned roller sets, which is probably one of our favourites so far. It's almost as easy as braiding, only it doesn't hurt your hands. And it's easier than finger waves and your hands don't get all greasy! Yay roller sets! ... but after the sets are out you have to tease the hair and make it big and smooth it out and blah blah blah, takes forever and it's so hard to get it perfect for the picky instructor ... though I guess it's good she's picky, because even though roller set are from a billion years ago, we gotta learn them properly anyway. Oh well.

Wednesday: We got our booklets and now we aren't doing heads and heads and heads of roller sets, braids and finger waves for nothing! Yay for actually getting marked!!

Today: was rough. Grrrr ... I was so tired this morning because like I said, no sleep at all. I got to bed at about 1:30 every night, fell asleep around 2. So I wasn't really up for drawing my eyebrows so I didn't bother. I think I look really pretty without them anyway. So I went to school and Amber saw me and said really loudly "EWWW you look ILL!" and basically that was a flamethrower to my confidence's face. I mean really ... I thought I looked nice and even still ... no one likes to be told they look ill when they were less or no makeup. I mean I think I looked a bit like a martian or something but that's part of why I like it ... but not ill ... or ugly ... well, after that little incident she wanted to style my hair, so she did and she didn't really do a great job ... she tried to curl it and got one side really good and the other stayed pretty straight and she used SO MUCH HAIRSPRAY and her hairspray STINKS. So I had a lopsided, smelly hairstyle and the side that was curly kept getting in my face so I put it up in a ponytail, again, I thought it was really cute, and Amber was all offended and what not and I'm like ... well I'm offended when you tell me I look ill so YOU can suck it up. It drives me crazy sometimes when people are so insensitive and can dish it out but can't take it. Honestly, some of the girls at my school (well MOST of the girls at my school) just drive me INSANE!

Anyway I went shopping today and three cute tops and some awesome socks with jolly rogers on them so I can show everyone how much of a pirate I am =) Because the people don't believe me that I am a pirate and make fun of me when I tell them I am. Jerks.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My classmates rudely commented on the fact that my hair looks much better blonde and I should never dye it pink again. So I didn't.

They are going to hate me even more.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Again I say

Curls just don't suit me. Although these are actually kind of pretty. They started out looking like an afro or maybe some 50's pincurls but I fixed it and I think I could get used to it ... maybe. And I WILL put a picture up TOMORROW and add the other picture of last Thursday's curls. TOMORROW. Right now I have an online date with Alex. Ugh ... online dates ... why can't we just be a normal couple ...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yesterday, and today

Yesterday I did a pedicure on my first client. I wasn't nervous, but the day before I kept thinking, wouldn't it be funny if my first pedicure, the client had the grossest feet in the world? Well, it's not that it WASN'T funny ... UGH, this is hard to explain, but basically she had gotten her big toenails removed ... or at least partially. Her whole toe was blank except for a little sliver of a toenail in the middle ... kind of a teardrop shape too, the top was very long and looked very pointy ... eww. The rest of the nails were still compeletely there, but very long and thick and when I was trimming them, they were flying everywhere and one hit me in the forehead :( And don't even get me started on her crazy huge callouses that I was trying to shave off. Just NASTY. She gave me a $5 tip though ... which was pretty nice of her. And she was very friendly :)

TODAY: was pretty good but at the same time really really awful and I don't feel like writing about it because all I can think of right now is how terrible the awful parts were. Goodnight.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

I felt too lazy to update about any of those days. So here's a brief update about my weekend:

Thursday: was not the weekend yet. I went to school again and we finished braiding nice and early, about two hours in. Then we did manicures ... I think? I forget what we did after that but in the afternoon we started scalp massages. After Jesse finished my massage she styled my hair with a billion little spiral curls that everyone else LOVED. I thought it was ... well, pretty ... but it definitely was NOT "me." Or maybe I just need to get used to it ... I don't know. I'll post a picture tonight.
The power went out around 3:00 so we all got to go home early. I hadn't finished putting the cooling conditioner on Jesse's hair, I only got one half of her head done when it went out so she had to drive home with half her head freezing cold. She said she didn't mind because she liked the feeling. I think she's crazy. I couldn't stand having the cooling conditioner on my head, it felt really really weird and I didn't like having a cold head.
So I hitched a ride with Brandi back home and went to Lana's and we went on a walk and chilled and it was a fun evening.

Friday: I had been called into work for 9-5 but I woke up quite ill as I had been getting a cold all week. YUCK. So I called in and slept all morning and had a really really weird dream about my grandparents wanting to rape me and it freaked me WAY OUT. WHAT KIND OF EFFED UP KID AM I TO DREAM SOMETHING LIKE THAT?? It sounds stupid but it was a very real, very terrifying dream and I never want to speak of it again. Then I was feeling better in the afternoon so I made a trip to the bank, then a trip to the liquor store that evening because I was out of rum.

Saturday: I worked all day. That's all. OOH and I watched Glee for the first ever time ... and I totally have a crush on the little gay kid! Hahaha ... well, not quite a crush on HIM per say, but definitely a crush on his fashion sense. Dayum, that kid knows how to dress. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one jacket he wore ... it was drummer jacket type thing and it was very hot and I want one just like it!

Sunday: I worked all day again. Then went for a little drive in the new car my parents got ... a Ford Fusion. For an icky Ford ... it's actually pretty nice. I think I can handle it. I would drive it myself but I have always despised driving and avoid it whenever I can. Even if it means waiting for like 15 minutes for my parents to pick me up from school everyday. I HATE DRIVING.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wow, it's only my THIRD DAY of school?

That is what it is starting to feel like. The majority of today was ... BRAIDING. Of course I'm sure this is how any hair school would start out, as all hair schools in Canada *should* have the same curriculum. But it DOES get a little tiring ... I'm excited to move on, that's for sure ... hopefully next week? We're still waiting for our kits to come in (HOW did Teena forget order them? Grrrr ...)

I did finally get to learn pedicures today. I found out that I am absolutely horrible at painting the nails, but they tell me I do really good massages. Yay, something I'm good at other than corn rows (because I cannot tell you how sick I am getting of corn rows)!

Then this afternoon we learned manicures. Amber taught Alyssa how, and lucky for me they were right behind me so I could hear all the instructions. Why is that lucky? Well ... the girl who taught me apparently doesn't do it properly ... she did it in about a third of the time it took Amber to do Alyssa's manicure, and she seemed to be skipping a lot of steps ... and my polish looked like ... well, not good (ha, I removed it now). So I will just kind of combine what I learned from the pedicure, what I learned in grade 10 cosmetology a billion years ago, and what I learned from listening in on Amber teaching Alyssa, and I should be able to come up with a pretty decent manicure for when I start practicing tomorrow.

Oh, Teena got a dog last night and brought the little thing to school. It's one of those little step-on dogs ... I think she said it was a yorkie crossed with chihuahua. UGH it's dumb, because he's a small dog, so he darts around the building because he's terrified of everyone. At least he isn't yappy like other step-on dogs ... but he could get less shy sometime *shudder* And that is why BIG dogs like Daisy are the way to go. Also, this little guy (Teena's daughter named him Friday) pees all over the place. And he took a really stinky crap right behind my station while I was half-heartedly continuing my corn rows. I WANT THE KITS TO COME SO WE CAN MOVE ONTO SOMETHING ELSE UUUGHHHH

Ooh, but Teena said, since it's freezing outside and supposed to snow tonight which is pretty insane considering it should still be fairly sunny ... everyone who comes to school anyway gets a nice long scalp massage! ... which seems to be a good thing, even though I'm not really sure if I would enjoy a scalp massage ... I feel like it would be awkward, someone just scrubbing their fingers all over my scalp ... oh well. I want the hours so I guess I will go tomorrow anyway, of course. I only have 1,360 hours left after that!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My SECOND day of school ... !

Today was not quite as fun as yesterday ... I have managed to catch this terrible cold, despite the fact that I have been stuffing my face with echinacea and Cold FX. And I braided for another ten hours straight ... my fingers actually started bleeding :(

Megan (the instructor) managed to be there today. She is quite different from Teena. She seems to be veeeeeeeeery serious.

I was supposed to be learning pedicures in the afternoon today, but they started with my other two classmates and didn't get around to me and the other guy today. So we get to start our pedicures first thing in the morning. I would have liked to do it at the end of the day, like the others did ... that would have felt sooooo good after standing all day. Ah well, at least we won't be doing much more braiding tomorrow. Because after we finish our pedicures, we move onto manicures! So it should be a better day tomorrow.

Ooh, and creepy toe guy came back again today, this time to get his finger nails done. He didn't get those painted though, he just wanted the top and base coat. Then he apparently picked up an application to the school ... which is weird because he is really not girly at all and he's pretty old, maybe in his forties, and balding ... it just doesn't seem right. Megan thought he got the manicure and pedicure just because he liked to be pampered as most men secretly do, but now she thinks (and she probably says this just to be funny, but I'm not so sure) that he noticed that there was a male in my class and now wants to join. I don't know ... but he sure is an intersting character. Weird old men just seem to follow me about.

Monday, September 13, 2010

My first day of school!

School finally started for me, yay! Now I get to learn how to ACTUALLY do hair, instead of my own made-up methods (which work well, but there MUST be easier ways to do everything...)

So the day was VERY uninteresting. Of course we had to start with the basics, braiding... we did our French and Dutch braids for the entire ten-hour day. Teena is a perfectionist (as a hairdresser SHOULD be!!) so she wouldn't let us move on until our braids were GOOD and EVEN and TIGHT. I mastered mine first out of the four other people in my class ... and I'm the youngest! But then again ... I already knew how to braid French and Dutch ... so I kind of had an advantage. But I was quite proud that I impressed the instructor with my second attempt at a French braid, then first attempt at a Dutch :) My fingers are so sore now ... From 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM it was constant braiding, un-braiding, then re-braiding using AWFUL old-school Barbie hair (pure plastic) ... YUCK. No matter how many times you combed it, you still had to yank it apart to get it sectioned so it was extremely hard to get the braid tight. But as Teena mentioned ... "Look on the bright side, if you can braid THIS you can braid ANYTHING!"

Ooh - ONE interesting thing happened today. This guy came in, and he looked like the one guy from Trailer Park Boys (I'm sorry, I don't watch it so I have no idea what their names are), the guy with the big glasses and combover. Minus the big glasses. But there was certainly an uncanny resemblance ... ANYWAY we were almost done our lunch break when Teena came in to tell Alyssa (? I think that was her name but I met a LOT of girls that day and I could be confusing them) that her client was their early so she should finish her lunch fifteen minutes early and take the client. So Alyssa got up and went out of the break room, then came back in and said, "THAT'S my client?" and said she didn't want to do him and asked Teena if she could give her client to someone else. Teena seemed to be in a bad mood and made her take the client anyway ... and I was confused because, yes, working with a combover would be gross but I could suck it up and do it anyway ... then I came back into the room where we were braiding to reluctantly start the braiding back up again ... and there was Alyssa working on this weird Trailer Park guy's FEET. Apparently the reason she was so concerned with working on him is because he didn't want a haircut ... he wanted a PEDICURE. And he didn't look like the most hygenic guy in the world ... and he DID have disgusting feet. The longeset toenails I have ever seen, which he asked to keep long and have painted BRIGHT SPARKLY turquoise. Brandy whispered to me, he is either gay or has an intense foot fetish, or both. I wonder ... but I don't really want to know :/

So that was pretty much my first day of school! Pretty long day, being on my feet and braiding the entire time. But, every hairstylist has to start with that of course ... curriculum and what not. 10 hours of hairstyling down, 1,390 to go! And Teena said that since we were so quick at learning our braids, we would move onto pedicures tomorrow. Which means we could potentially be taking our own clients next week. And all I can think is hopefully, I won't get a Trailer Park guy xD Apparently he was a construction worker ... I don't understand how his feet could be comfortable in his work boots, with his long toenails ... how does he prevent ingrowns ...? (shudder)

Also, today I noticed I had TEN followers! I didn't realise anyone would actually start to follow me ... I just ran out of pages in my daily journal so I decided to make something that DOESN'T run out of pages ... and I didn't think my life was THAT interesting ... now I feel pressured to actually put something interesting on here! Heheh, but not really :P

Sunday, September 12, 2010

While I wait for my nails to dry

Just decided to make an entry about my day while I am waiting for my nails to dry (I can't go to bed nice and early while my nails are still wet you see). Well, today I woke up and went to church. They are trying this new thing where we split up our one church into two churches because apparently we don't all fit into one. I don't know why we are doing this, as I think it would be a much better idea just to either build a new church or renovate the one we already have. I have a little theory of what most likely, actually, probably inevitably, will happen if continue with this idea of splitting into two churches.

In biology I remember our teacher telling us about this experiment where 100 flies were taken and put into an environment, with a solid wall splitting them and separating them into groups of 50. After just a few months of them breeding with only the flies on their side of the environment, the two groups could no longer breed with each other as they had become two different species of flies altogether. This is what I am afraid will happen to our church. They say they split us because they think it will make us able to expand and become unified, but I think that all it will do is make us two separate churches. Which brings me to a difficult decision. Which church should I go to? I have an even split of friends in between them ... so maybe I'll just have to alternate? Today I went to the smaller one, the new one, closer to my house. There was hardly anyone there and it was a pretty decent service, same as it usually is ... and we have my favourite worship team and this church. But there will also be things I miss about the old church ... so I think next Sunday I will have to go back to the old one. God made me a social butterfly ... so I guess I will have to do my best.

After church, I ate some delicious soup because I was cold because of the whopping two degrees it was outside. I guess it IS almost fall, but that is still freezing. And the sun STILL hasn't come out since Alex left ... well, it did for a little while yesterday, good thing too because I needed to get a little bit of sun on the day that I was saying good-bye to a good friend. I believe that Sherel is with the Lord now and happier than we can imagine, and we'll see her again one day :)

ANYWAY ... I wanted to get a bag for school, so that I could keep my school stuff out of my purse and my purse stuff can stay in my purse. So I went out and ended up finding a cool one at work, and I think it suits me well. The pattern is kind of like argyle, but instead of diamonds it uses hot pink hearts. I think it's really cute. Then I went home, got my dog, and went off to Lana's house to join her on a little walk. When I got there though, I found her underneath a million blankets and she said she wasn't feeling well, so we just sat and talked for hours, sharing memories of Sherel mostly. It was a really good talk that we had. I'm glad we have each other still to support each other ... Lana was in the accident as well and I have no idea what I would do if I had lost her, too ... now THAT would have killed me. After talking for ... probably about four hours, my sister called to tell us to come over for pizza. Kind of a good thing because my throat was sore from blabbing so much. Laurel was there just for a quick visit and some tea apparently, and Gavin was there for a board game night. After Laurel left we continued our tea drinking and started a good game of Rummoli. I was having terrible luck as usual with that game and lost pretty much everything. It was fun though. I had to dye my hair tonight so that it would be nice and fresh for school so I had to leave the game early, so I Skyped with Alex the whole time I was dying my hair (which I'm sure must have been entertaining for him). Sigh ... I miss him so much and I am so very excited for Christmas when I get to have him for two whole weeks! Then he goes back and I have to miss him again ... ugh ... this is so much harder than I had anticipated ... but I have no doubt that we are going to work this long distance thing out. I love you Alex :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Your favourite colour

It's a year old, but it's one of the best pictures I could find of us ... and it WAS a really fun memory.
Today we decided we would all wear purple. It was awesome to visit your high school and see at least HALF the kids there all wearing your favourite colour to honour you. You were so popular ... and who can blame you? You were an awesome friend to everyone.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

... and now, for a more positive post!

Things haven't been particularly easy for me lately ... I think that's been pretty clear. But now that I've seen how quickly something can just end ... I think now it's time to really start living. I'm not going to have lasting fights over stupid things. I'm not going to spend a day sitting at home knowing that there's better things I could be doing and then not doing them. I am going to thank God that my BFF Lana is safe and sound every day. I have always been a pessimist ... but I think it's time to give optimism a try. It will be difficult at first ... but I need to be tougher, like Lana. She is the strongest person I know right now, and I admire that. I need to start looking on the bright side again. I need to spend less time on myself and more time with others and being helpful and putting myself out there. Yes, that's what I'll do, and since I can't think of anything else to say and I am terrible at closing, I will leave it at that.

Vent about dentists.

Yes ... that's right: dentists. I can't stand them. Now, if I meet a person on the street that just so happens to be a dentist, I'm not going to be like, 'Ew, you're a dentist? I hate you already.' Of course not, that would be silly. But if you try and get into my mouth and tell me how I don't floss right and I need braces and blah blah blah... I'm sorry, but I am going to find it extremely difficult to be nice to you.

Perhaps I should start from the top ...

Well, let's see, I think I was about ... seven? when I needed to get a cavity filled. It wasn't my first filling, but the dentist had always made me a little nervous. I sat in the chair nervously and he began to work. All of a sudden, I started coughing and choking and nearly dying; apparently the drill wasn't attached properly and had fallen off down my throat and now I was choking on it. Eventually it got unstuck, but instead of coming out of my mouth it went further down my throat and got stuck again. At least it wasn't blocking my wind pipe anymore. But I did get very very sick after a while, and I had to go to the hospital for three days and have surgery to get the drill bit out. Then the dentist didn't even apologize because apparently it was all my fault it fell off. I didn't buy it and now I believe that that man was evil.

Moving on to present day ...

Last night my parents told me they had scheduled a dentist appointment for this morning. Well geez, I thought, I'm eighteen and I don't need you to schedule appointments for me anymore. I can do it myself when I need to. But NOOOO, they said that I HAD to go to the dentist.

So this morning, I stayed in my room and didn't get started on my hair, make-up, anything. Then my mom knocks on my door and asks why I'm not up yet, my appointment is in half an hour. I cleverly blamed it on 'my alarm that didn't go off.' So I rolled out of bed and decided to take my time and make sure I didn't miss a step, because as we all know, we must look good for the dentist ... (not really, I was just stalling because I hoped I would just miss the appointment obviously).
- my hair straight as straight can be
- really good eyeshadow, that will stay in place all day
- mascara AND false eyelashes, for double the volume
- my eyebrows perfectly symmetrical
- luscious lipstick
- the PERFECT outfit
I did all this in hopes that I would miss my appointment, which I did, as this all took an hour. I was thinking, yes, this day is going well, it is indeed. But my mom came downstairs and said my appointment is still on. There was no escape now. I said I needed to brush my teeth first, and I brushed them for a LOOOOOONG time. So long, that they felt like I had already had them cleaned by the dentist.

Then me and my mom drove to the dentists office. Lucky for me, they called me in as soon as I walked through the door. And lucky for me, it was my second least favourite dentist (next to the one that put me in the hospital). Now, I admit that when we first switched dentists after the incident that I wasn't in the mood to be particularly friendly to her, but I felt I was decent enough. But apparently something about me just triggers her hate bone and we kind of fight all the time. My mom notices it too, this dentist is very mean to my sister and dad as well. Last time I came to see her though, I was very very friendly, I was trying my most hardest-est. But it wasn't good enough and she was still such a bitch to me. This time, I was in a bad, bad mood.

I walk in and she says, 'How are you this morning?'
And I say truthfully, 'Pretty awful.'
And she says, 'Why?'
And I say, 'I had the worst week ever.'
And she says, 'It can't have been that bad.'
And I say, 'I don't feel like talking anymore.'
And she got to work on my teeth. Then, with her hands in my mouth (because for some reason dentists want to start conversations with you when you can't even talk properly), she asks, 'Where are you working these days?'
I wait about thirty seconds for her to finally get her ugly hands out of there, and I say, 'I said, I don't feel like talking anymore.'
And her eyebrows above her mask crease and she says, 'Why do I even bother talking to you,' and mumbles something that sounds a lot like 'you little snob.'
And I noticed everything seems a lot rougher and hurts like hell. I look at the spit sucker thing and I notice everything it sucks is not clear, but red. I look at the dentist, whose eyebrows are still creased and ugly looking. As I sit with the fluoride in my mouth, blood and spit trickle down my chin. When she was finally done, my whole mouth was throbbing, but I didn't want to tell her how much it hurt because then she would be satisfied. So I didn't complain once. As I got up she said, 'Just because you had an awful week doesn't mean you can be rude.'
And I said, 'One of my friends was killed in an accident the other day, I'm not really concerned about being rude at the moment.' I hope she feels like a dick now.

Then I came out to my mom in the waiting room and my mom said it seemed like a really short time. I said it was, because the dentist was a jerk and wanted to make it really painful for me. My mom says we're switching dentists for me again. Maybe I'll actually get a friendly one.

So ... that's the story of why I hate going to the dentist. I was traumatized when I was seven then we switched to a dentist that hates my whole family. It sounds very dramatic ... but believe me, it is that dramatic. It really sucks actually. Ah well, chin up, when it's time to go to the dentist again, I'm going to be moved out and my parents won't be able to schedule an appointment for me. I'm going to try and skip it altogether. I've had no cavities or anything since I was ten, and I like my crooked teeth, they're kind of cute and they look like fangs. So I have no reason to go.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Receiving the phone call at work was the weirdest thing, it felt like all the fluids had drained out of me but I felt so much heavier instead of lighter ... and walking across the store so I could get my things and go home after hearing the news was so difficult and slightly embarrassing, everyone staring at me crying and asking what was wrong, but I couldn't bring myself to care ... her Facebook status this morning said 'You're gonna miss me 'till the day you die'

Wow, Sherel ... it's weird, you probably didn't realize how true your status was going to be when you updated it ... it's very true, so many people including me are going to miss you so much. You were such a good and loyal friend. I'll miss getting your random little texts of, 'heyy, what's up?' haha. I wish we had hung out this summer ... I barely saw you at all. You were so beautiful inside and out, and I love you man. As you said, I will miss you 'til the day I die. ♥ RIP girlie. We had a get together at my place tonight, all the youth group kids were there plus more, just for you. ♥

I hope I see her again one day up there, partying it up with Jesus and what not :) What a glorious day that will be.

Friday, September 3, 2010


I just got the most fantastic boots that cannot be described with words. I will have to photograph them and show them off ... tomorrow. Because it is late. This always happens to me ... I want to post a picture but it's too late to do all the resizing and uploading that has to be done ... then I'm such a procrastinater that I keep saying that I'll do it, I'll do it, but then I put it off for so long and forget about it. I'm going out with my friends tomorrow night though, and I plan on wearing those babies! So there will for sure be pictures. and they WILL get put up. I may just have to end up making a big mass picture post or something instead. Silly, silly me.

They're a little bit humongous. But they're also a little bit AMAZING.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An old lady came into work today and told me I look just like a doll. I said thank you and she said, 'Oh, dear, I didn't mean that as a compliment.'

And I didn't know what to say ... I mean, I don't see anything wrong with looking like a doll, in fact I quite enjoy it. :)


The sun tricked me!! It rained almost all day today ... cleared up a bit this evening but by then it was too late in the day to warm up at all. Anyway, I went to my friend Danae's going away party as she is going off to college as well ... everyone is leaving me :( It makes me wish it wasn't too late to try and get into another cosmo college elsewhere ... preferrably in a much bigger city ... like somewhere in Ontario so I'm close to Alex ... but alas, it is much too late and I am one of the only ones of my friends still here in this tiny town. Well, I do have plenty more, it's just that they're a bit younger than me which rules out any fun bar nights anymore (though I can still have fun with them other ways, it's just bar nights are a different kind of fun). Oh well ... I'll be at school in two weeks and hopefully working a lot so I won't have time to be bored anyway. AND hopefully it warms up outside soon ... I'm a cold-blooded mutant meaning when it is cold, I am very cold, and when it is hot, I'm perfectly fine. Also, I'm solar powered WHICH MEANS that when I don't get sun, I get slothy and blah. so I need my sun!