Friday, May 25, 2012

Back seat is KICKIN
Club is JUMPIN

Every time the house catches on fire, take a shot.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Good morning world! Last night we managed to make it into town by 11:30. That is quite impressive time! So I went to my brother's friend M's 18th birthday party! It was in the basement of her parents' dental office so you know, we were asked to (or at least it's common sense to) be respectful.

Well, some underaged losers decide to start rolling joints in the bathroom and the party was shut down. Which I am okay with, some of those kids were way to freaky. And the bad hair! Wow people in my hometown have terrible terrible hair. I need to go back home and rinse my eyes with some men who have good haircuts.

It was only about 12:30 when the party ended, so we decided to head on over to a club down the street. Took some jagerbombs and everything was good, danced all night then came home and bugged my husband. It was fun and I made a new friend with M's big sister, so she's coming to the firepit tonight! I'm excited, it's going to be such a blast.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Driving! Driving all night to the ol' hometown!
I'm nervous ... Tonight I go back to my home town and I'm so used to coming back and my dog is ALWAYS the first to stay hi to me. This isn't going to be an easy trip. But I'm going to try to stay positive!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Today at the shop, was crazy colour/correction day. For some reason there was just so many clients who needed colour corrections (which can take up to five hours and are very scary and risky procedures). Luckily, I didn't get any of them, whew. But I did get this one teenage boy who wanted blond hair. I figured it wouldn't be too difficult, considering it was a dirty blond naturally; however it was very coarse, not to mention it was man hair. So I decided I would slap on some 35vol bleach, and watch closely to make sure his scalp didn't burn. Luckily, he's like me, and has a rock hard scalp (when I was platinum I abused my poor scalp with 40vol once a month). When it got stuck at bright sunflower yellow I decided it would go no further that day and rinsed it. Then I toned it. Then I dried it. Holy crap, it was just as yellow dry as it was wet. So I put MORE bleach on it (10vol this time) and lifted some of the yellow ... at least we got it light enough this time that he could handle it until next time he comes in.

What male does his whole head platinum blond anymore anyway? But hey, he's 15, and I fully support him doing wild things with his hair while he can.

I just painted my nails with the SPARKLIEST nail polish I've ever seen!! I am in love. I love glitter polish ... Until I have to take it off ... If you've ever had glitter polish, you know what I'm talking about.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I had an odd client today. Usually I like odd clients. But this guy was just odd.

So apparently when he walked in, K was the one who booked the appointment. He first asked K how much for the men's cut, which is $35.00. Then he asked what it was with GST, and K told him $36.75. Then he asked to have it written down, and K explained it would be on the receipt once the service was complete, but he insisted on having it written down anyway. Odd.

So I took him back to my chair, we were buzzing the sides and spiky on top, standard "Caesar cut" or whatever. So I took out my clippers and he was like "What are you doing?" And I'm just like "I'm starting your haircut, you said number 2 on the sides..." and he said "I thought you guys washed it first." So I explained to him that clippers work way better on dry hair, and he seemed totally weirded out and skeptical. Uhh, hello, I'm the stylist, I've only done maybe 500 men's cuts in my life. I know how clippers work.

Anyway, the whole time he inspected the entire cut very carefully and never found a thing wrong. When it was all over, he said "Huh. This is a very good haircut. VERY good. I'll take your card." I could definitely tell that he was indeed impressed with my work, so I gave him my card and he paid, and guess what? He DIDN'T TIP. All my hard work dealing with you stopping me to inspect the haircut, and then you decide it's the best you've had, and it's worth $36.75 and nothing more for your awesome stylist?

Just ... odd.
Soooo ... This is nice! I found that Blogger has an app on my iPhone, and this is going to be super helpful. It's so much work sometimes to put pictures on the computer, then have to resize them and crop them and all that fun stuff. I don't know if there is an easier way, I'm kind of technologically handicapped, but this seems so be the easy way! Especially since now I can update anywhere. Which will come in handy the next few days as I am leaving for my hometown for the log weekend, for a little birthday party for Alex and just to visit everyone. I'm really scared about it though ... Because going home to me has always meant that I was going to meet my dog again. I am not the type of person who misses anyone. But I miss my Daisy.

Anyway, here's a picture of me in the Animal Kingdom being a Minnie Mouse bride.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hello all, I figured I would update finally since you know, it's only been almost two lot us since a post. Well I just wanted to say that Alex and I went on an amazing honeymoon to Harry Potter land. It was better than I ever imagined, I was extremely impressed with what they had done!! And for it being technically still spring break when we went, the line-ups were like nothing, thank goodness. I have finally gotten over a four week long illness so I oak hoping I'll be able to pick up the slack on my blog. It all started our last day on Orlando, when we were in the shuttle at 3:30 in the morning on our way to the airport. I hadn't been feeling well all morning; I was just sweaty but cold and headachey and life was just not good for me. I had to get the shuttle driver to pull over to the side of the road :( The flu lasted all day so I was so very thankful to finally get home. My mom picked us up from the airport and I had to get her to pull over a couple times too. It was so awful. I had a cold at the same time, which turned into laryngitis, which turned into bronchitis, and I was down for the count. I barely went to work at all in April and I felt terrible about it! But I'm definitely better now, just kinda phlegmy. It's getting nice outside! It's been raining a lot which is good I suppose, got to get the green grass started! But I'm ready for some sunshine and it sounds like this weekend we are getting it! I am so excited. I would like to put a few honeymoon photos up but Alex just got the Witcher 2 for PC so I'm going to be nice and give him more time with it. But for now, I'm going to try and make updating my blog part of my bedtime routine!