Thursday, May 17, 2012

I had an odd client today. Usually I like odd clients. But this guy was just odd.

So apparently when he walked in, K was the one who booked the appointment. He first asked K how much for the men's cut, which is $35.00. Then he asked what it was with GST, and K told him $36.75. Then he asked to have it written down, and K explained it would be on the receipt once the service was complete, but he insisted on having it written down anyway. Odd.

So I took him back to my chair, we were buzzing the sides and spiky on top, standard "Caesar cut" or whatever. So I took out my clippers and he was like "What are you doing?" And I'm just like "I'm starting your haircut, you said number 2 on the sides..." and he said "I thought you guys washed it first." So I explained to him that clippers work way better on dry hair, and he seemed totally weirded out and skeptical. Uhh, hello, I'm the stylist, I've only done maybe 500 men's cuts in my life. I know how clippers work.

Anyway, the whole time he inspected the entire cut very carefully and never found a thing wrong. When it was all over, he said "Huh. This is a very good haircut. VERY good. I'll take your card." I could definitely tell that he was indeed impressed with my work, so I gave him my card and he paid, and guess what? He DIDN'T TIP. All my hard work dealing with you stopping me to inspect the haircut, and then you decide it's the best you've had, and it's worth $36.75 and nothing more for your awesome stylist?

Just ... odd.

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