Saturday, October 30, 2010

A quick update before I head out!

Obviously, since it's Halloween and all, I will be partying. I'm off to some huge Halloween bash hosted by a local bar. There's supposed to be 4500 people at it! Dang... I'm a little nervous, being such a petite, cute girl, and this local bar is known for it's date rape horror stories ... but I'll stick close to my friends and I made myself up to look as unattractive as possible.

Everyone have a good time and a safe Halloween! Hopefully I will get around to updating about tonight sometime tomorrow...

Also, I have some good news and bad news... the bad news is, Alex's college was not what he expected and it just didn't work out for him, and he's feeling upset about it ... the good news is he'll be home on Monday! I'm so excited to see him again and at the same time I feel bad that it didn't turn out well all the way across the country, but he's 19. Plenty of time for him to figure wout what he loves and wants to do for a career.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Today was quite fun, we started a new chapter in our textbooks finally and I really should be resting for the exam based on last chapter tomorrow morning, but I should probably also work on THIS. Teena brought out three huge bins of the most disgusting old greasy wigs I've ever seen, and for some reason we all put them on our heads anyway. I took some pictures on my phone but I'm technologically handicapped AND lazy and I don't feel like figuring out how to upload those right now. See? I need my boyfriend to come home and help me figure technological stuff out because me and computers just don't get along at all.

After school I ate supper and then I went to Jackass 3D ... with my ... parents ...... awkward.
You see, unfortunately for me, all my 18+ friends either moved away over the summer or don't do R-rated films or drink or anything ... so I brought my parents. Yaaaaay.
Damn that movie was FUNNY though. I think it may be my favourite. Probably because most of it was funny and less of it was disgusting. I don't do super well with puke and poop and what not (we'll see how I function as a mother, AHHH), and this one had a little bit less of that than the other two Jackass movies. It was the same old mindless shit we all enjoy for some insane reason, only fresh. So it gets my approval.

Holy brown eyes Batman (also that's my Steve-O face)

Ohhh yes... it's probably not noticeable in the picture, I mean, I can hardly notice it myself when I just look, but last week we cut my layers in my hair reeeeally short. I don't really notice it at all, but when I'm styling it, UGH. And it is a BITCH when I have to put it in a ponytail, it falls out all over the place. And that friends, is why Blythe hates layers. They just bug me so much when I have to style them. But ... I had so much split ends and nodules in my hair, so it just kinda had to go. My hair is considerably easy to brush at least ... but UGH, ponytails!

Also I found this picture of me ... I miss having colourful hair :(

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Well, one of my followers was kind enough to point out that I'm pretty much failing about the one post a day thing already so I decided to make a quick update.

I think my goal is at least one a week for now, because lately I've been busy busy with ... I don't know, I've just been busy. Maybe not busy. Maybe just distracted? I don't know, I've been making a lot of plans, and since I have to wake up at 6:30 every morning I kind of get home around 11:00 and go straight to bed. Ooh, I know ... I'll update one weekends. I have plenty of free time then, after I work. So ... yes, I suppose that is what I will do. But I really should talk about yesterday ...

So we have our instructor, Megan and our other instructor who also owns the academy, Teena. Usually Megan is at the school in the morning and Teena comes later in the day after dropping her daughter off at daycare. These past few weeks though, Megan has been deciding to only come pretty much every second day which means that Teena has to bring her daughter with her to the school, which doesn't exactly go well...

On the weekend Teena had to be out of town and was planning on travelling home on Monday morning to get back to school in the afternoon. So she was counting on Megan to actually be there so that, you know, we could learn stuff. But, Megan bailed at 7:10 yesterday when school started at 8:00, and luckily Teena was able to get ahold of everyone to let them know that school couldn't start until the afternoon. It sounds like Teena hasn't been able to get ahold of Megan since, so it's looking like Teena will have to bring her daughter with her to school daily for now. Teena doesn't talk about it, but it's definitely sounding like this is the last straw for Megan. Megan's a really nice girl, but she didn't take her job seriously at all and wasn't challenging us or even grading us properly, and frankly I'm kind of surprised Teena let it go on for so long. So we had class with Teena this morning, and I really did like it a lot better. I actually learned how to do pincurls PROPERLY. I'm thinking school might get a little more ligit now. I mean, it may be welfare, but in the end I'm getting the same license as I would at any cosmetology school so I definitely want to have the confidence that I'm doing it right and getting the grades I deserve.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Alrighty. Here I go. Making a post EVERY DAY. Starting today.

Even though today wasn't super interesting.

So it started when I woke up and went to work. The only thing there is to say about work was it was very very busy and there was glitter EVERYWHERE. But I'm not complaining, sparkles and glitter are my two favourite things on earth. Why was there glitter everywhere then? Well, we started getting in our Christmas stock ... which means sparkly, shiny decorations. The warehouse is looking pretty pimpin with all the pretty glitter everywhere.

Afterwards I went to Sarah's birthday party (her birthday was on the 7th, but she waited til today to have her party for some reason. Pff, crazy girl). She turned 18 ... but she's pretty conservative? not sure what word I should use for that ... so there was no alcohol to be found. No bars. No lottery tickets. No fun stuff that you can do when you're eighteen. Even if she did want it, she has no ID ... but no problem! We had fun anyway, playing "Italian Twister" and "four on a couch." Unfortunately, halfway through four on a couch I nearly died. I for reals thought that it was the end of me. I suddenly got these two HUGE cramps on both sides of my lower belly area and it BURNED. I could barely move but I wanted to just leave and lie down so I thought it would be an okay idea to walk home. It grew steadily worse though and eventually I was just heaved over in pain and Lana, who kindly offered to walk me home, picked me up and carried me the rest of the way. And when we got home, I went straight to my bed and I am still here, in my bed. I laid in the exact same position for an hour because it made my stomach hurt less, and eventually the pain went away enough that I decided it was okay to stand up again. But it wasn't. But at least it didn't hurt as much the second time.

Now it only hurts a little bit if I bounce around too much. It's definitely feeling better than it was. I'm not sure what it could have been that made me hurt SO TERRIBLY, but I'm glad it's over. I was seriously considering making a trip to the ER which would NOT have made this a fun night. It was certainly an interesting night, that's for sure. But it's 2:00 in the morning and I never though I would say this but the reason I'm still up is because i need to harvest my crops on Farmville. It's Lana's fault I'm all of a sudden into this. I don't know how she convinced me to start playing it. But it's sucked me in. AAAARRRRGGGH.

Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm bad.

I've been sooo terrible at updating lately. Probably the worst I've ever been. So I will tell you really quickly about my Thanksgiving and then tomorrow I will start updating EVERY DAY. For reals this time.

So, Thanksgiving was in a word, delicious. I got so stuffed with turkey on Sunday ... then I went clubbing. Because that is how we do it.

Really though, my cousin Brett is a drummer who works with a DJ known as DJ Kav. And due to some past drama, I have never met Brett as far as I know. I'm told I have before though, twice, but since I was too young to remember it, I consider this to be the first time we've met. Finally, someone in my family who I belong to! I was so positive that I was the only one in my entire Mennonite family who enjoyed dancing and loud music and lights and ... well, club life in general. But then I met Brett, and he's been working with a legit DJ for three years and is hired by various clubs all over the province. AND he's coming here soon! Sometime in the next few months. I am excited out of my mind because all my friends can see how cool my cousin is!! Heheheh.

If you're interested, they are known as drumndj and you can check them out here.