Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Well, one of my followers was kind enough to point out that I'm pretty much failing about the one post a day thing already so I decided to make a quick update.

I think my goal is at least one a week for now, because lately I've been busy busy with ... I don't know, I've just been busy. Maybe not busy. Maybe just distracted? I don't know, I've been making a lot of plans, and since I have to wake up at 6:30 every morning I kind of get home around 11:00 and go straight to bed. Ooh, I know ... I'll update one weekends. I have plenty of free time then, after I work. So ... yes, I suppose that is what I will do. But I really should talk about yesterday ...

So we have our instructor, Megan and our other instructor who also owns the academy, Teena. Usually Megan is at the school in the morning and Teena comes later in the day after dropping her daughter off at daycare. These past few weeks though, Megan has been deciding to only come pretty much every second day which means that Teena has to bring her daughter with her to the school, which doesn't exactly go well...

On the weekend Teena had to be out of town and was planning on travelling home on Monday morning to get back to school in the afternoon. So she was counting on Megan to actually be there so that, you know, we could learn stuff. But, Megan bailed at 7:10 yesterday when school started at 8:00, and luckily Teena was able to get ahold of everyone to let them know that school couldn't start until the afternoon. It sounds like Teena hasn't been able to get ahold of Megan since, so it's looking like Teena will have to bring her daughter with her to school daily for now. Teena doesn't talk about it, but it's definitely sounding like this is the last straw for Megan. Megan's a really nice girl, but she didn't take her job seriously at all and wasn't challenging us or even grading us properly, and frankly I'm kind of surprised Teena let it go on for so long. So we had class with Teena this morning, and I really did like it a lot better. I actually learned how to do pincurls PROPERLY. I'm thinking school might get a little more ligit now. I mean, it may be welfare, but in the end I'm getting the same license as I would at any cosmetology school so I definitely want to have the confidence that I'm doing it right and getting the grades I deserve.

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