Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm bad.

I've been sooo terrible at updating lately. Probably the worst I've ever been. So I will tell you really quickly about my Thanksgiving and then tomorrow I will start updating EVERY DAY. For reals this time.

So, Thanksgiving was in a word, delicious. I got so stuffed with turkey on Sunday ... then I went clubbing. Because that is how we do it.

Really though, my cousin Brett is a drummer who works with a DJ known as DJ Kav. And due to some past drama, I have never met Brett as far as I know. I'm told I have before though, twice, but since I was too young to remember it, I consider this to be the first time we've met. Finally, someone in my family who I belong to! I was so positive that I was the only one in my entire Mennonite family who enjoyed dancing and loud music and lights and ... well, club life in general. But then I met Brett, and he's been working with a legit DJ for three years and is hired by various clubs all over the province. AND he's coming here soon! Sometime in the next few months. I am excited out of my mind because all my friends can see how cool my cousin is!! Heheheh.

If you're interested, they are known as drumndj and you can check them out here.

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