Friday, June 24, 2011

What a good day! I had I think, 10 or 11 clients so it was considerably busier than yesterday for me. Lots of walk-ins in the afternoon. I had one little girl who was the cutest, most hyper, crazy, funny girl I've ever seen. It was hard to cut her hair ... but at least she was adorable. She had long hair when she came in, but she had cut a big chunk off of the side so I had to cut it all to about half-way down her ear. It ended up suiting her very well and looked so sweet. She was so giggly and funny, probably the highlight of my day haha.

Waking up this morning was BRUTAL though. There's no heat in this basement and having to crawl out from under the covers at 6:30 in the morning is no fun. No fun at all. But it ended up being a great day at work and I am quickly settling into the groove of things, and it makes me excited for tomorrow!

Also I found this picture that I had taken of myself with my webcam on the day I graduated. The last day when I was actually allowed to do my makeup like this and not have all my piercings hidden ... alas, work has forced me to become a "weekend goth" (although I work every weekend, so I guess it's a weekDAY goth .... but you know what I mean).

I am now relaxing and watching the Pirates of the Carribbean ... it just skipped a little bit and now I am sad :(

OH YEAH also, I saw a jack rabbit on the walk to work this morning. Pretty much my walk goes like this: urban area/houses, big horse paddok, city park, city ... yeah, a huge horse paddok in the middle of the city pretty much. That's why this place rocks.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

First day of work

I just got home from my first day at work ... it was fun! And looooong ... 11 hours if a looooong shift. But I would rather four eleven hour shifts and three days off over five eight hour shifts and only two days off. So I think I can easily get used to it...

Yup, so I moved here on Tuesday and am living with my Auntie Pam right now until I'm settled and can find another place to live. Alex isn't with me yet, he had to stay behind but he will be here for the July 15th weekend for Harry Potter of course, and to look for a job and check out the school he wants to go to. Hopefully he will be here by August/my birthday!

Anyway, now that I've started my job, I think I will be able to get more into the swing of things and hopefully be able to update this blog more often. I've been in a much better mood now that I've left that silly town and that certainly makes me want to blog more ... when I'm in a bad mood there is nothing that I would want posted publicly on the Internet that goes through my head ... so it is definitely a lot easier to blog now that I'm able to be happier. I try to stay positive, but honestly, I think I'm one of the biggest pessimists out there. I find it so hard to look for "silver linings" and such and I have a lot of fears that I honestly think were thrust upon me just from being in a town where I never felt sincerely accepted. But I'm away from all that and I just want to completely restart my whole life. I'm living in an absolutely gorgeous city, I'm engaged to the man of my dreams (hehe <3) and I'm ready to make some new friends. I'm going to start over and be a more positive, bold, fierce Blythe.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Got a job!

At a lovely salon 7 hours away from this little ol' town... that's right! Blythe is moving to the city! I write my final exam on Wednesday and leave the following Monday! Til then... gotta study :/

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Take THAT, global warming.