Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hello up there!

For both nights of grad, it didn't get very fun until AFTER 10:00 PM. Last night was the Grand March, and we got all dressed up and pretty much just walked around in circles around the centre until 9:30 ... It was terribly boring for someone with me and I was disappointed in all of the girls' make-up. Their hair was GORGEOUS, their gowns were BEAUTIFUL ... but all the make-up just seemed so plain. At least my whole outfit was awesome enough for me! :)

After all that boring silliness my feet were EXTREMELY sore from walking around in such skinny little heels (usually I will wear big chunky shoes, heels is not my thing), but there was a dance and I am ALWAYS in a mood to dance like a maniac! So I joined my friends Sharisa, Brian, Sarah and Cassie on the dance floor and we went totally crazy there, it was so fun! Then they were off to safe grad without me ... Safe grad just sounded boring to me (safe grad is the party where the grads all go in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere and drink booze all night, but there are no activities really and since I don't really like to drink it sounded very boring for me), so I went to dry grad (different location, no alcohol allowed, lots of activities and fun stuff planned). I spent half the evening paintballing and the other half playing lazer tag! So much fun ... in paintball I got hit SPLAT! Bullseye right in my left eye, and I applaud whoever made that shot, that is impressive! I felt bad though, because he felt bad because he thought he hurt me and apologized about six times throughout the night; I told him not to worry because it didn't hurt one bit and even if it did hurt, I would still be extremely impressed with such a good shot. And in lazer tag is just always fun, me and Sarah, Danae, Kayce, Emilee, Callista and Alex spent a lot of time in there and it was a blast. We were out there from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM, and the one and only bad part of the evening was that my hair got a little bit singed by the huge bonfire :( I hope it's not too bad though, and I don't end up having to cut it. But I had so much fun with all my buds!

Today was spent just lying around with Alex and Callista and Emilee. We were so tired and Alex and I kind of took on and off naps, taking turns falling asleep while watching movies all day. I finally was able to dye my hair as well! I tried purple this time, I think I made it a bit too dark but after a couple of washes it should be perfect! I'm just so glad I can look my version of normal again!

Okay, I am EXHAUSTED and it has been a very long weekend, so goodnight all!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good morning sunshine! It's a new day ...

Thank GOD because last night was a DISASTER. It was the Cap and Gown portion of the graduation ceremonies, and I'm in the choir (even though I'm not a very good singer) and they gave everyone who was graduating this year MANDATORY solos, we had no choice and we had to do them. So I did mine and spent the rest of the evening embarrassed! I knew it would be bad, but not as bad as it was. I didn't want to go to Cap and Gown in the first place, and I shouldn't have. I only went for my grandparents who came all the way just to see me graduate and because everyone was trying to tell me I would regret not going if I didn't go, but since I did go, I really wish I hadn't instead.

My friends were nice to come and pick me up afterwards though and take me to the carnival. I couldn't help but cry a little bit on the way there, I was just so mad that that was how I was going out ... everyone can remember me as that bad singing goth girl. But whatever, as soon as the first ride took me upside down at the carnival, I cheered right up. I went on as many intense rides as I could, I LOVE LOVE LOVE carnival rides! The carnies were very very grumpy this year though. I don't remember such grumpy carnies last year ... at least that made my night a bit better.

But tonight is the night when I finally wear the make-up I've been practicing all week, for the Grand March. Everyone will be wearing their $700 gowns and I'll be there in my $30 dress, but I have an adorably mini top hat to go with it, and I will definitely have the BEST make-up of the evening! I'm excited to wear it.

Anyway, I should go and make sure I have everything together. I'm going to make some gloves to go with my dress and I still haven't decided what shoes I'm going to wear, ahhh! I have to get all of this and my make-up done by 2:30, because we have all my relatives and me and my sister's escorts coming for a barbecue. MMM ribs!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Make-up Practice

Here is the Monday night, when I first tried my grad make-up:

My hair is super messy haha. This is Tuesday night, when I was being a bit less serious about it and just went totally crazy and overboard with all the swirls and sparkles:

I actually really really like the second one, so I think my grad make-up will be like the second one. I think I just need to make the swirls a bit bigger maybe? so it looks less cluttered. Yes, that's what I'll do.
I have one more night to practice my make-up before grad is finally here, and hopefully I can finally get it right.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Grrr ...

Dangit! Today I was going to post some of the pictures of yesterday's grad face practice, but my computer has been very screwy louie today and my picture uploading program isn't working and that makes me frustrated! I HATE computers, I seem to not be clever enough to get them to do what I want them to do. Ahh well. I also did my make-up again tonight, to try something a tad bit different. Same idea, but a little bit of varying style, heh. Hopefully TOMORROW I can post those pictures.

The Panty Pervert strikes again!

I didn't think I'd have another story so soon, but here is something really weird.

After he came in and did his usual 'sneaking' around (he is so bad at sneaking), Kara went outside for a cigarette and saw him take some stuff out of his truck, put it in a cart, and wheel it up to her. What that stuff was was a duvet and two pillows, all of it was SO dirty, all yellow and brown stained, like it was very old and wasn't washed as often as it should have been. Kara didn't know what to do with it, and she couldn't just leave it there because that would be gross, so she brought it back to the warehouse and had Britney help her throw it out. They both put on rubber gloves (would YOU touch any of that stuff??) and started to move the pillows into a garbage bag. Britney started gagging and dry-heaving, and Kara ran out of the room (maybe she threw up? Poor girl). The rest of the warehouse was coughing and my eyes teared up. It smell like VINEGAR and MOULD. Why did this guy leave that stuff here??

I'm not sure what happened after that, but I think Kara or Grace ended up calling the police about him. His behavious is very very suspicious and something should probably be done about him ...

But, I don't take things seriously very often, so I just think it's kind of funny.

I went and hung out with my friend Danae for a bit because I missed her birthday party because of work ... I didn't want to cancel a shift so early after being hired, that probably wouldn't look very good for me. Her birthday is on Wednesday ... she'll be eighteen, isn't that exciting?

Then when I got home I pulled out my make-up like I usually do in the evenings and just put a bunch on, stuff that I wouldn't usually do in public, just for fun before I take it all off for the night. Instead of doing something I wouldn't do in public, I did some practice for my grad-face. I used so many sparkles and had so much fun! I'm too tired right now after working so much, but maybe I'll post the pictures of my practice tomorrow. I'm glad I practiced though because I think I can do SO much better on the swirls that I drew, hehe.

I am absolutely DREADING grad. Don't ask me why, but I HATE grad. I'm going to cap and gown for my dear old grandparents who want to watch me take my diploma. And I'm going to the 'grand march' so I can wear my crazy make-up (being seventeen in a hick-town, there is not a lot of opportunities to wear extravagant make-up). But I don't think it sounds like much fun AT ALL.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

So, apparently the Panty Pervert exists.

I didn't think anything super interesting would happen at work, at least not so soon after I started. But man, this is WEIRD. It's a huge block of text, but it is worth the read. It freaked me right out!

Yesterday I was being trained in the warehouse with this other girl, Courtney, and the two ladies training us were talking about some guy they called 'the Panty Pervert.' I thought they were making him up, quite honestly. Today though, I learned he is very real ...
So the story goes: apparently there's this tall Greek guy that the sales associates know as the Panty Pervert. And what he does is comes in almost every single day, and heads for the women's lingerie section. In the warehouse they were saying that he would pick up a pair of underwear, and pretty much just inspect them with a silly little grin on his face. Apparently he has been caught SNIFFING the underwear. That's pretty gross ...
And this one girl Jordan says that she was working the fitting rooms one day and he came up to her with a bathing suit and said, 'I want to buy this for my daughter in Greece, but I don't know what size to get. You look about her size, can you hold this up to yourself so I can see if it's right?' Of course, Jordan refused ... what a gross man! I was positive there would be no one ACTUALLY like that ... or at least no one in this small town. His favourite items are the Hello Kitty pajamas and swimwear, both of which we get new items everyday.

But today I had just finished my training on cashier, and then I was called to the fitting rooms over the intercom. I was confused because I didn't think they would want to train me on something new right after I had just finished my training. But I went to the fitting rooms, which are just behind the women's lingerie section, and Kara told me that she had to be in the warehouse, and I had to pretend to be straightening up the undergarments so I could 'guard the section.' I was thinking, you are JOKING, but did it anyway. About thirty seconds later, someone tapped me on the shoulder and it was a creepy tall Greek guy with a weird grin on his face asking me to do a price check on a pair of Hello Kitty pajama shorts. I told him I would look into it (I didn't know what else I should have done?) so I walked away to get Kara because she usually deals with this guy. As I looked back, I saw him examining the crotch of the shorts with great interest. It was a very scary moment.

So, apparently the Panty Pervet exists. I'll most likely be posting more stories about this guy, heheh.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

First of all, I apologize for the whiney entry yesterday. I'm just going through some yucky stuff right now and it's getting me very stressed and frazzled, and I guess I just felt like complaining. Though I do still mean everything that I said in it...

ANYWAY. Work has been all I've been doing lately. I started my new job officially yesterday (after two days of orientation already) and now I am onto 8 hour shifts. So I have been on my feet all day putting sensory tags on clothes and hanging clothes on the appropriate hangers. There is a lot to remember there! It's a pretty decent job though, and the pay is good, and the people are generally nice ... like in all clothes stores though, there are a lot of girly girls who talk about their millions of boyfriends and terrible parents who ground them and their so called 'best friends' that are also 'bitches.' Sigh...
But this girl Courtney was in the warehouse with me all day and she's not super girly or anything. No more girly than me, anyway. We got along really well so working the warehouse all day wasn't so bad.

Just think about the money ... ;)

Oh, one more thing - GOOD news! The manager says she doesn't give a rat's ass what colour my hair is. (well, she didn't say it like THAT ...) but still! So after grad (which I am DREADING) is done, I'm dying my hair purple. So stick THAT in your pants.

Friday, May 21, 2010

I hate to be the bringer of bad news ...

I know right? D':

There isn't much info yet but it would appear that MTV wants to remake the Rocky Horror Picture Show into a TV series ... I say, DON'T DO IT. There are too many remakes coming out lately, someone should do something original. (Although, some remakes I do feel are worthwile, such as Batman and King Kong. Free Willy and Karate Kid were just unecessary.) And Rocky Horror! You can't remake that, it's perfect as it is. And you know what they say, you can't improve on perfection!

The worst thing about this is that it most likely will NOT be the original cast. And without Tim Curry, I don't know, I might just die. This is the man that originally began my infatuation with drag queens/transvestites/men in make-up. He managed to make it look so manly and sexy and I have wished that I could be a man in make-up myself ever since. So much inspiration.

Please MTV, you don't have to do this.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sounds like the photoshoot is at the end of June, when she's finished with all the summer weddings she has to do first. Yay I'm excited :D
I have done some photoshoots in the past by myself, with some pretty neat results.

I have never done one with an actual photographer, however. Today a friend of a friend who is a blooming photographer sent me a message saying that she liked my style and asked me to do a photoshoot with her! I told her definitely, and I am very excited for when we do it! We haven't set a date yet. But when I get the pictures I will definitely post them up because I'm sure they will be awesome! I mean, look at the pictures she makes!

I think I am having a whiney complain-ish sort of day.
My first day at work did go well though. I don't know if I can get away with my hair though. I asked one of the other employees (not a manager) and they said that there were people who worked there who had vibrant pink and green streaks in their hair, but she wasn't sure what they would say about the whole head. But I only like soft colours in my hair, I tried hot pink once rather than cotton candy pink and did not like it very much. So maybe if I try one of my soft colours it will be okay. If they ask me to take it out, then it washes out in about a week if I shampoo it everyday anyway. So after a while, I guess I'll try something ...

It is pouring outside right now and I want to go out and walk in it so bad ... but look at what time it is! Much too 'dangerous' for little me. Psh.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My current hair.

I am getting so bored of the blonde. It has now been two weeks and I feel so terribly plain! I love having bright colours in my hair ... this is getting very difficult for me. I miss my pink hair so much. I go in for my training for my new job today at 5:00, and I'm debating whether I should ask them if they allow dyed hair today, or if I should wait. Grad is in 10 days and I think I'll keep it blonde for grad, because it looks pretty good with my dress (and also my dress is purple, and if I dyed my hair I would make it purple and that might be too much purple). So I think about it ... and wait ... patiently ... sigh ...

Then there's this thing about everyone telling me how great I look blonde and they like it blonde the best. I disagree though ... Everyone ELSE may like it blonde but I'M the one who has to actually wear it! And I, personally, do not like feeling so plain.

But I guess I can put up with it for these 10 days ... but then I don't know ... I may just go insane (that is, more insane than currently)!

Oh, and while on the topic of hair, I was on Facebook and one of my friends had joined a fan page, and when I clicked on it, I was distracted by one of the other people who had joined it. I do NOT want this hair.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today I had a consultation about an icky mole/freckle thing in the middle of my forehead. I have hated it for as long as I can remember, and I began to hate it more when I took an art class in grade 4 and one of the boys told me it made me look like an Indian and it was funny. I have recieved comments like that often ever since, but I've gotten better at make up so I can mostly cover it up now. Not completely though and people still notice it at times ... so I am getting it removed once for all via laser treatments. Good riddance! Honestly!

This evening I played squash with Lana. I am extremely uncoordinated with my hands so things like tennis, badminton and squash just totally go over my head. It was probably the most boring game of squash Lana has ever played, but I did my best. I think I'll go again with her some more and one day I'll be able to run with big boys ... maybe.

I also noticed today that I say 'by the way' when it is not even remotely by the way of the topic at the moment.

Friday, May 7, 2010


I know it's been a while since an update. I just haven't had much interesting to update on since my zombie shoot. I am unhappy with the consistancy of the blood - also, it was a tad bit too purple. It was fun anyway! Now, onto the news:

On Tuesday I was forced to get my hair did.

I am having some money issues and I have bills to be paid and I live in a redneck town, where purple braids and weird make-up is just unacceptable. I told you, I was born into the wrong town. Or the wrong country. POSSIBLY EVEN THE WRONG PLANET. I may just be a martian. I asked for the blonde to be very very pale, so she brought it up as pale as it possibly could go for now. I needed a 'normal human being' colour, and blonde was the only one I think I could deal with. I could also having black hair, but I used to have black hair and bleaching it out so I could put bright colours in was just too much work and totally KILLED my hair, which grows slow enough as it is. I don't think the colour is too bad though ... but I know I will get bored of it really fast. I like to have some weird colour in it! As soon as I am settled into a job and they see what a good worker I am, I will dye it back to bubblegum pink. Or maybe, before that, blue. I've always wanted to give blue hair a try. We'll see! Right now, I have to go to bed. I have been sleeping so badly and I'm starting to get sick. Good night all!

Hehe, the hairstyle in those pictures kind of remind me of Gwen Stefani. My hair looks really short, really it's down to about my armpits. I wish it were longer! I miss my two-foot extensions already!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Recipe for BLOOD

... minus the violence.

Is it real? I can't tell!

And that is because my recipe for blood is far superior to anyone else's! Here are the reasons why:
1. Even when it had dried, it is still wet and creepy looking!
2. It's cheap and easy to make.
3. It's safe for eating ... although I don't reccomend it, because I don't think it tastes very good.
4. All you need is water, corn syrup, corn starch, lots of red food colouring, and blue or green food colouring! For this particular batch, I used green.

I will now walk you through the steps. PAY ATTENTION!

Take 1 cup of water and 1 cup of corn syrup and mix them together in a pot on the stove turned up to a little past 5/medium heat. Stir until it looks like there is only water in the pot.

Turn down the heat a bit to low. Stir in 1 cup of corn starch. This will make it opaque and also thicken it a little bit.

Take the blood off the heat now, it's time to colour it. Use a LOT of red food colouring. We don't have pink blood! (I don't reccomend the type of food colouring I'm using in this picture, it's a little pink on its own. Use the colouring that comes in this kind of bottle.)

Use about two drops of blue or green food colouring, because we don't have bright red blood either! I used green. ONLY USE A TEENY TINY BIT!! Remember, you can always add more but there is no taking away.

Let the blood sit there and thicken. It will probably separate a little bit, but don't worry, a little stir will get it back to normal. Just let it cool.

Now we need to move the blood into a water bottle to store it (at least, I use a water bottle, you use what you want). Use a funnel for this, or it could get a little messy. If you are like me and don't have a funnel, be innovative and use paper and masking tape!

That's what works for me! I hope it works out for you as well. Use your blood for whatever your little heart desires. I'll be using mine tonight ;)
I also made some for Halloween 2009.