Saturday, May 22, 2010

First of all, I apologize for the whiney entry yesterday. I'm just going through some yucky stuff right now and it's getting me very stressed and frazzled, and I guess I just felt like complaining. Though I do still mean everything that I said in it...

ANYWAY. Work has been all I've been doing lately. I started my new job officially yesterday (after two days of orientation already) and now I am onto 8 hour shifts. So I have been on my feet all day putting sensory tags on clothes and hanging clothes on the appropriate hangers. There is a lot to remember there! It's a pretty decent job though, and the pay is good, and the people are generally nice ... like in all clothes stores though, there are a lot of girly girls who talk about their millions of boyfriends and terrible parents who ground them and their so called 'best friends' that are also 'bitches.' Sigh...
But this girl Courtney was in the warehouse with me all day and she's not super girly or anything. No more girly than me, anyway. We got along really well so working the warehouse all day wasn't so bad.

Just think about the money ... ;)

Oh, one more thing - GOOD news! The manager says she doesn't give a rat's ass what colour my hair is. (well, she didn't say it like THAT ...) but still! So after grad (which I am DREADING) is done, I'm dying my hair purple. So stick THAT in your pants.

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