Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hello up there!

For both nights of grad, it didn't get very fun until AFTER 10:00 PM. Last night was the Grand March, and we got all dressed up and pretty much just walked around in circles around the centre until 9:30 ... It was terribly boring for someone with me and I was disappointed in all of the girls' make-up. Their hair was GORGEOUS, their gowns were BEAUTIFUL ... but all the make-up just seemed so plain. At least my whole outfit was awesome enough for me! :)

After all that boring silliness my feet were EXTREMELY sore from walking around in such skinny little heels (usually I will wear big chunky shoes, heels is not my thing), but there was a dance and I am ALWAYS in a mood to dance like a maniac! So I joined my friends Sharisa, Brian, Sarah and Cassie on the dance floor and we went totally crazy there, it was so fun! Then they were off to safe grad without me ... Safe grad just sounded boring to me (safe grad is the party where the grads all go in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere and drink booze all night, but there are no activities really and since I don't really like to drink it sounded very boring for me), so I went to dry grad (different location, no alcohol allowed, lots of activities and fun stuff planned). I spent half the evening paintballing and the other half playing lazer tag! So much fun ... in paintball I got hit SPLAT! Bullseye right in my left eye, and I applaud whoever made that shot, that is impressive! I felt bad though, because he felt bad because he thought he hurt me and apologized about six times throughout the night; I told him not to worry because it didn't hurt one bit and even if it did hurt, I would still be extremely impressed with such a good shot. And in lazer tag is just always fun, me and Sarah, Danae, Kayce, Emilee, Callista and Alex spent a lot of time in there and it was a blast. We were out there from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM, and the one and only bad part of the evening was that my hair got a little bit singed by the huge bonfire :( I hope it's not too bad though, and I don't end up having to cut it. But I had so much fun with all my buds!

Today was spent just lying around with Alex and Callista and Emilee. We were so tired and Alex and I kind of took on and off naps, taking turns falling asleep while watching movies all day. I finally was able to dye my hair as well! I tried purple this time, I think I made it a bit too dark but after a couple of washes it should be perfect! I'm just so glad I can look my version of normal again!

Okay, I am EXHAUSTED and it has been a very long weekend, so goodnight all!

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