Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good morning sunshine! It's a new day ...

Thank GOD because last night was a DISASTER. It was the Cap and Gown portion of the graduation ceremonies, and I'm in the choir (even though I'm not a very good singer) and they gave everyone who was graduating this year MANDATORY solos, we had no choice and we had to do them. So I did mine and spent the rest of the evening embarrassed! I knew it would be bad, but not as bad as it was. I didn't want to go to Cap and Gown in the first place, and I shouldn't have. I only went for my grandparents who came all the way just to see me graduate and because everyone was trying to tell me I would regret not going if I didn't go, but since I did go, I really wish I hadn't instead.

My friends were nice to come and pick me up afterwards though and take me to the carnival. I couldn't help but cry a little bit on the way there, I was just so mad that that was how I was going out ... everyone can remember me as that bad singing goth girl. But whatever, as soon as the first ride took me upside down at the carnival, I cheered right up. I went on as many intense rides as I could, I LOVE LOVE LOVE carnival rides! The carnies were very very grumpy this year though. I don't remember such grumpy carnies last year ... at least that made my night a bit better.

But tonight is the night when I finally wear the make-up I've been practicing all week, for the Grand March. Everyone will be wearing their $700 gowns and I'll be there in my $30 dress, but I have an adorably mini top hat to go with it, and I will definitely have the BEST make-up of the evening! I'm excited to wear it.

Anyway, I should go and make sure I have everything together. I'm going to make some gloves to go with my dress and I still haven't decided what shoes I'm going to wear, ahhh! I have to get all of this and my make-up done by 2:30, because we have all my relatives and me and my sister's escorts coming for a barbecue. MMM ribs!

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  1. people will remeber you for being the incredible, creative person you are,
    who allways takes other peoples feelings into account, who looks out for her friends, for being a strong and caring person, and for being a ray of sunshine amidst all the gloom that is highschool, you radiate compassion and beauty where ever you go, and that is what i think people will remeber you for.