Friday, May 7, 2010


I know it's been a while since an update. I just haven't had much interesting to update on since my zombie shoot. I am unhappy with the consistancy of the blood - also, it was a tad bit too purple. It was fun anyway! Now, onto the news:

On Tuesday I was forced to get my hair did.

I am having some money issues and I have bills to be paid and I live in a redneck town, where purple braids and weird make-up is just unacceptable. I told you, I was born into the wrong town. Or the wrong country. POSSIBLY EVEN THE WRONG PLANET. I may just be a martian. I asked for the blonde to be very very pale, so she brought it up as pale as it possibly could go for now. I needed a 'normal human being' colour, and blonde was the only one I think I could deal with. I could also having black hair, but I used to have black hair and bleaching it out so I could put bright colours in was just too much work and totally KILLED my hair, which grows slow enough as it is. I don't think the colour is too bad though ... but I know I will get bored of it really fast. I like to have some weird colour in it! As soon as I am settled into a job and they see what a good worker I am, I will dye it back to bubblegum pink. Or maybe, before that, blue. I've always wanted to give blue hair a try. We'll see! Right now, I have to go to bed. I have been sleeping so badly and I'm starting to get sick. Good night all!

Hehe, the hairstyle in those pictures kind of remind me of Gwen Stefani. My hair looks really short, really it's down to about my armpits. I wish it were longer! I miss my two-foot extensions already!

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