Monday, June 28, 2010

Well, camping turned out to be a no go ... I wasn't really wanting to go in the first place but didn't feel like fussing about it in my blog because that would be lame, but I have my reasons for deciding in the end to just stay home.

Anyway, I went to my friend Sarah's eighteenth birthday tonight (happy birthday chikie chick!). I met some cool people while eating supper there, fun time. I love meeting people hehe. And I got to ride home in a convertible with one of the new friends I made named Ryan. He has the same last name as me, little weird, but not surprising since my last name is so ridiculously common. He was a pretty cool guy.

The reason I came home so ridiculously early is because they were all going bar-hopping and I'm still the youngin in the group. Sigh ... one more month and then I can finally join them! Sheesh ... Being the last person to reach drinking age is pretty lame ...

So yeah, came home early and ordered some new hair for dread falls since I changed the colour of my hair from pink now. I just got some platinum blonde and then a bunch of different colours to mix in with it. I think the plan for my hair, since I probably need to get a slightly more "normal" hairstyle for working in a salon, is to let it go back to light blonde and just change sections of it crazy colours. Then I will have my blonde falls and I can mix in whatever colour my hair is at the time in with them! I know, I know, I'm so clever, right? So next week I hope it's rainy, so I have an excuse to be inside backcombing and steaming my new hair into dreads.

Also while being bored early in the evening, I did the Wikipedia Hitler Hunt. I think my friend Lincoln made this up, where you start on any page and keep clicking links until you wind up with Hitler. So this is for you, Lincoln, but you probably will never see it. I started with "Tecktonik", then clicked glowsticking > rave > fog machine > glycerol > lipid > lipid signaling > biosynthesis > antibiotic > Ancient Greek > Hellenistic Civilization > Alexander the Great > Polis > Archaic Greece > political philosophy > capital (economics) > leadership > violence > genocide > the Holocaust > Nazi Germany > Adolph Hitler.

And that is what I do when there is nothing to do. Haha, if you have nothing to do, you should do the Wikipedia Hitler Hunt and let's see what you can come up with and how many clicks it takes you to make it to Hitler. :P

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Okay, okay, THIS will probably be my last post before going camping. I just had to document this.

Yes ... I do, in fact, follow Canada's Next Top Model ... and today at work, guess who came in?

Last season's runner up, Linsay Willier! I was working fitting rooms, and she came in with a few dresses to try on. I thought she looked familiar, but couldn't figure out where I knew her from ... I assumed I had maybe just seen her in a hair salon or something, because her hair was well styled and her make-up looked exspensive. Then a little girl came out of the fitting rooms and was like, "Mom, do you think that's actually Linsay?" and her mom was like, "Linsay who?" and the little girl was like, "From Canada's Next Top Model?" and I was like "OMGEE I knew she looked familiar!" Anyway the little girl got a hug from Linsay and it was just pretty cool.

But what is a professional model doing in a wee little redneck town? I suppose we'll never know ...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I found this picture today and I really like it. It was taken after grad I think, by my friend Callista. It looks really pretty I think.

So anyway, I have been pretty much working this whole time. Not really my favourite way to spend my time, especially since the Panty Pervert stopped coming (our manager had to contact the police about him leaving those dirty sheets, I'm not sure what happened after that). But hey, I'm getting money for it!

This also may be my last entry before I got camping next week, sinc I work all day tomorrow as well. I leave on Monday so ... bye everyone!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Oops ... I accidentally turned my hair blue! I was too lazy to take any pictures though ... I guess it looks okay, but I don't really like the colour blue ... I can live with it for now I guess. My hair gets messed up all the time, because I mix my own colours and it's all a trial and error thing. I have yet to come up with the perfect purple colour. The last one was too pink so I added more blue, and now I've added too much blue! Sigh ... I'll try again in a couple weeks I guess.

Today was a much better day than yesterday. I wrote my very last exam EVER this morning, and it was English so it was super easy. Now I have no more school to worry about ever again! Well, except college, but that's different because I'll actually be taking classes I WANT to take.

Then I went for a long roller blade with my brother and sister and got really really really hot and sweaty and that was just GROSS. So me and Emilee and Jackson got out our slip n slide, which seemed to be slippier today than usual, and that cooled us off nicely and was very much fun.

Oh, look at this spider bite I got - it so swollen, in circumfrence it is about the size of a pop can. HUGE, and ITCHY, and PAINFUL! ... but kind of cool, because you can see the two holes where he bit me and I love the way that looks ... like a vampire, heheh.

Unfortunatly it was very hard to get a good picture ... this is the best I got, and you can kind of see the red outline of the swelling and the holes where the little bastard got me. This is what I get for taking the basement bedroom, spiders for friends. But that's okay, because since I was little I have always LOVED bugs of all kinds, and they don't creep me out at all. I don't mind sharing a room with them. :)

The last day of classes ... EVER :D

So, I should have posted this on Thursday but I was lazy so it is a week late. Heheheh.

Here are the sheep that I mentioned!

It's weird, but for some reason there were sheep in out courtyard. We also had goats, miniature horses, and in the office there were baby chickens. None of the students knew why there were animals all over the school, and none of the teachers would tell us either. They weren't there last year, they just showed up this year after Christmas. We are all so confused. But that's not important, because goats and miniature horses are pretty darn cute.

So I didn't go to any classes, but I went to school anyway. Why?


Note: the picture only shows HALF of the slip n slide. So can you blame me for going to school anyway? I had actually totally forgotten about the year end slip n slide that they always did, and was actually at school just to say one last goodbye to everyone, so I was unprepared. But I went down in my clothes anyway, it looked like so much fun and I just couldn't resist. I kind of slid off to the side and fell off though and scraped up my legs to oblivion. Blood everywhere, haha! I forgot to take a picture of that mess though ... oh well, I guarantee you, these battle wounds are wicked. Also, Bryan dumped a water bottle right on top of my head because he's kind of a dink that way :P Remarkably, my hair stayed straight! (Well, there was a teeny bump in the back, but for the most part it was straight!)

After the waterslide me and Joelle went to the mall and hung out, and I FINALLY found a crimping iron which I have been looking for for FOREVER but since crimped hair is 'out' right now, they are impossible to find. I'm so glad I got one now though! :D

Then I went to work. And that was pretty much the end of my amazing day. I love no more school!

Today I wrote my biology exam and then went to work and overall it has been a pretty bad day. The exam was very easy though ... TOO easy ... suspiciously easy ... well, we'll see how it ends up.

Anyway, it's been lame but I need to remember to make a post about my last day of school, which was AMAZING (this is long overdue because the last day of classes was Thursday ...). I went to school but didn't go to class and it was a gorgeous hot day and I got to pet the sheep (yes, there were sheep at our school, as well as goats and miniature horses, and baby chickens in the office; none of the students know why they suddenly started bringing in all these animals but it's pretty cool I guess).

Tomorrow is going to be awesome though I hope, much better than today. I have the day off of work and my very last exam in the morning (English, which is super easy). After my exam I'm going to see if I can convince my family to go to the lake, or I'll just find some friends and go to the river. I also think I should dye my hair tomorrow ... it's turning blonde again! Ahh!

Friday, June 18, 2010

So this is pretty nifty

This doll has brown eyes, purple hair, and she is dressed in sparkles and black lace. Sound familiar? It's pretty much a doppleganger of me, haha! Would you believe me if I told you that even her name is Blythe as well*? Because it is. Me and her have so much in common <3

*comes from a line of dolls called This is Blythe!.


We have our old computer that has been pretty good for the past 8 or 9 years (very long life for a desktop computer hey!). I think we should have gotten a new one a year ago, because this one is struggling very hard not to crash. It's only a matter of time, but my dad refuses to spend the money on a new computer though I think it would be a worthwile investment. Too bad he didn't listen to me, because I was using iTunes fine for one day, then the next I found that it had completely wiped my extensive song library. 6500 songs that I have collected over the past five years, gone. Nowhere to be found. Not in any file on the computer, not in the recycling bin. GONE. It takes a lot to make me mad, but I am PISSED right now. I need a computer wiz to help me, I still have the songs on my iPod but I don't know how to get them back onto the computer. I have about 2000-2500 songs worth of CDs but most of the music was either downloaded or ripped from borrowed CDs so I can't get it back unless there is a way to transfer from iPod to computer, which I can't figure out.

I need this music back, there is a lot of good stuff that I'm going to miss so much. In the meantime I'm scared to add any more CDs in case it erases everything else that is on my iPod.

I have always hated computers, but today I hate them even more. I just want my music :( :( :(

If there is a computer wiz out there, speak up now because I need help :(

Monday, June 14, 2010


So I went to write my English exam ... in the condition I am currently in, I was a little nervous about it and I really hope I did well! At least this was only the essay portion. All I need is a 40% and then I can get the rest of the marks by acing the multiple choice/reading comprehension part. I was feeling a little out of it ... fingers crossed I did alright!

My doctor called today and it's not strep throat that I have ... but I need to keep taking the penicillan just in case, because there may still be some sort of bacterial infection. I'm feeling quite a bit better today though. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to my usual antics by the time school is done (the last day is Thursday, WHOOO!).

Friday, June 11, 2010

So I made it to our family doctor this morning, and she tested me for strep throat. We won't be getting the results until Monday, but she gave me some penicillin to take until then. I'm feeling a bit better today, my stomach is more settled but my throat still hurts a lot and my muscles are soooooore. I'm going to have a nice long soak in the tub now and maybe I'll feel better. Once I'm back to normal I hope I can make my blog more interesting again ... sorry to all my friends if you still bother to read, haha.

Aww it's so hot outside and my brother and dad are out boating. I'm so jealous, I would KILL to go outside right now, I've been trapped inside for so long :(

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Swiiiiiine flu?

I'm beginning to wonder if H1N1 is maybe making a comeback and attacking ME. My mom is taking me to the doctor tonight to get me checked out in case this is something I need antibiotics for, because it is becoming clear that this is probably not your common cold. It's been a couple days and I'm only getting worse. I didn't sleep one bit last night, this morning I was up at six throwing up, and I just now started a fever. Gross gross gross.

This is the best part: I have a DIPLOMA exam on MONDAY. I need to get better so I can pass my English class! This is extremely important!! Last semester I got a stomach flu the day before I wrote my social studies exam ... de ja vu much? I get sick at the most inconvenient times ...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yuck ...

For two days now I have been stuck in my room in bed, terribly sick with sore throat, cough, and stuffy nose. It is uber gross and I am already sick of being sick!

I am optimistic though ... maybe this is the beginning of a zombie virus, in which case it should probably be only a few hours until transformation begins ... that would make being sick more exciting wouldn't it? I could be the sole initiator of the apocolypse!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Zombie twins

My twin sister Emilee wanted to give 'zombie-roulette' a try yesterday, so I helped her with her makeup. Don't we look terrifying? I like how my contact slipped in the first picture, hahaha. I got some amazing screen caps this time again, but since it's late and I have a cold and I should get to bed, I'll post them tomorrow or something. Alright then, good night everyone!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another post! hehehe.

I know I just posted, but I had to write another one because I need to write about what the Panty Pervert did TODAY! Ready? Go!

So he came in and BOUGHT something today, he bought two pairs of girl's underwear, 'for his daugher in Greece.' He bought these in the morning, pretty much right after I came in at 10:00. Then, as we were about to close he came in AGAIN to return them. Of course, we don't accept refunds on underwear, so we told him he couldn't return them. His story is that his daughter in Greece said they didn't fit ... but if she is in Greece, how could she have tried them on??

Needless to say, we sent him out without his refund. He looked pretty upset. I'm confused by this fellow ... ?


So, I did the clown thing a while ago, and last night I did a similar thing, only as a zombie. I made a new batch of blood, probably one of the best so far. I have been playing around with it and have it perfected so I'll probably have to post the new recipe sometime soon. Anyway, the results of my zombie:

I love how they all seem to have the same face.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Today, I found some chocolate that I've had since, hmm, November-ish? of grade 10. It is almost three years old, and we all shared it in art class. It tasted actually very good.

Now we wait, and see if anyone dies ...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sorry about all the pictures ...

I found a caterpillar!


Is on the lens!!

I set it free.

Also, I found two spiders in my room today.

This one was about as big as my thumbnail! He was a large guy.

This one just had really long legs.

Also, last night I went on that Chatroulette thing, dressed as a scary clown, just to see what people had to say to me.

This guy didn't say much, but I found it funny how his hand flew up to his mouth when he saw me. Looks a little nervous, don't you think?

How am I finding so many spiders today? I don't feel like bothering to take a photo, but I just had to stop writing and catch one about five minutes ago. Where do they all come from?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I've finally fixed my hair! :D
Actually, I did this on Sunday but I haven't really gotten around to updating about it until now. I think it is so pretty, purple is my favourite colour. I wish it were a bit lighter, but it is definitely much better than the blonde!

I have however, been getting a lot of negative comments about it (yep, I have mean friends). If the comment isn't negative, then there isn't a comment at all. I HAVE had a few good comments though! Mostly bad so far ... and it makes me feel kind of sad. I mean, /I/ thought it looked good. Oh well, I love it so this colour is here to stay!

Also, today I start looking into some beauty schools so that I am one step closer to becoming a professional hair stylist ... and maybe a bit of make-up design on the side would be fun.