Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The last day of classes ... EVER :D

So, I should have posted this on Thursday but I was lazy so it is a week late. Heheheh.

Here are the sheep that I mentioned!

It's weird, but for some reason there were sheep in out courtyard. We also had goats, miniature horses, and in the office there were baby chickens. None of the students knew why there were animals all over the school, and none of the teachers would tell us either. They weren't there last year, they just showed up this year after Christmas. We are all so confused. But that's not important, because goats and miniature horses are pretty darn cute.

So I didn't go to any classes, but I went to school anyway. Why?


Note: the picture only shows HALF of the slip n slide. So can you blame me for going to school anyway? I had actually totally forgotten about the year end slip n slide that they always did, and was actually at school just to say one last goodbye to everyone, so I was unprepared. But I went down in my clothes anyway, it looked like so much fun and I just couldn't resist. I kind of slid off to the side and fell off though and scraped up my legs to oblivion. Blood everywhere, haha! I forgot to take a picture of that mess though ... oh well, I guarantee you, these battle wounds are wicked. Also, Bryan dumped a water bottle right on top of my head because he's kind of a dink that way :P Remarkably, my hair stayed straight! (Well, there was a teeny bump in the back, but for the most part it was straight!)

After the waterslide me and Joelle went to the mall and hung out, and I FINALLY found a crimping iron which I have been looking for for FOREVER but since crimped hair is 'out' right now, they are impossible to find. I'm so glad I got one now though! :D

Then I went to work. And that was pretty much the end of my amazing day. I love no more school!

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