Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Oops ... I accidentally turned my hair blue! I was too lazy to take any pictures though ... I guess it looks okay, but I don't really like the colour blue ... I can live with it for now I guess. My hair gets messed up all the time, because I mix my own colours and it's all a trial and error thing. I have yet to come up with the perfect purple colour. The last one was too pink so I added more blue, and now I've added too much blue! Sigh ... I'll try again in a couple weeks I guess.

Today was a much better day than yesterday. I wrote my very last exam EVER this morning, and it was English so it was super easy. Now I have no more school to worry about ever again! Well, except college, but that's different because I'll actually be taking classes I WANT to take.

Then I went for a long roller blade with my brother and sister and got really really really hot and sweaty and that was just GROSS. So me and Emilee and Jackson got out our slip n slide, which seemed to be slippier today than usual, and that cooled us off nicely and was very much fun.

Oh, look at this spider bite I got - it so swollen, in circumfrence it is about the size of a pop can. HUGE, and ITCHY, and PAINFUL! ... but kind of cool, because you can see the two holes where he bit me and I love the way that looks ... like a vampire, heheh.

Unfortunatly it was very hard to get a good picture ... this is the best I got, and you can kind of see the red outline of the swelling and the holes where the little bastard got me. This is what I get for taking the basement bedroom, spiders for friends. But that's okay, because since I was little I have always LOVED bugs of all kinds, and they don't creep me out at all. I don't mind sharing a room with them. :)

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