Sunday, June 27, 2010

Okay, okay, THIS will probably be my last post before going camping. I just had to document this.

Yes ... I do, in fact, follow Canada's Next Top Model ... and today at work, guess who came in?

Last season's runner up, Linsay Willier! I was working fitting rooms, and she came in with a few dresses to try on. I thought she looked familiar, but couldn't figure out where I knew her from ... I assumed I had maybe just seen her in a hair salon or something, because her hair was well styled and her make-up looked exspensive. Then a little girl came out of the fitting rooms and was like, "Mom, do you think that's actually Linsay?" and her mom was like, "Linsay who?" and the little girl was like, "From Canada's Next Top Model?" and I was like "OMGEE I knew she looked familiar!" Anyway the little girl got a hug from Linsay and it was just pretty cool.

But what is a professional model doing in a wee little redneck town? I suppose we'll never know ...

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