Monday, May 23, 2011

Lately, I find myself missing my long hair a LOT. But I suppose this could just be one of those phases, I always switch back and forth between loving my hair and hating my hair. Though I think I would like my hair a teeny tiny bit better if it was a teeny tiny bit longer. Ah well. We just have to be patient I guess.

I also find myself missing my camera cord a lot lately. The only alternative is my webcam, and my only webcam is the one attached to my laptop, so naturally it is the worst possible quality. I think I look positively spooky in it ...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Everyone still around?

Here I am, run inside after an absolutely GORGEOUS day, now cowering from the thunder/lightning/hail storm now raging outside. There has been a thunderstorm every day this week, but this is the first time hail has ever been in the picture. It's died down now, it's only pouring and a little bit of thunder. I just wish this weather on other parts of the province ... there is a province-wide fire ban due to forest fires all around the area ... and about 60% of a town a couple hours away has burned to the ground, leaving a large portion of their population homeless. I can't even imagine ... but I've been praying for God to send them some of our weather.

Speaking of God, I'm still here ... guess I wasn't good enough for Him at the time of the Rapture yesterday. Although, everyone made it to church this morning, and you'd think in all those people at least someone would have evaporated out of their clothes. So I'm thinking ... the guy who did those calculations is a slight nutcase. I wonder when the next Rapture is ... not til December 2012 I guess. I'll just have to be gooder in time for that world ending so I can be saved ...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just got back from seeing Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides... it reminded me of Harry Potter. I was disappointed in Blackbeard ... he was more of a wizard than a pirate and had a crew of dummies. You'd think the terror of the seas would have a legit badass crew, wouldn't you? And I don't know ... the whole movie just reminded me of Harry Potter for some reason. It was good ... just different from the other Pirates movies. That's all. And I don't like the blonde Captain Jack ...

He just isn't the same.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday the 13th

This day was not unlucky for me at all! Well, maybe a little bit, but not until the very end of the day!

So we began travel on Thursday night, as it is the MOST unlucky to begin a journey on Friday the 13th and there is no way I'm missing out on this trip! Then the next day, I went and saw RAMMSTEIN and Chombichrist! Fuck it was a good show. I wanted to post some pictures on here but I can't find my stupid camera cord... sigh. Well, I will just write down some of the highlights.

=> Chombichrist had their strobe lights going the whole time and lead singer Andy was covered in latex paint, which at the end he peeled off and threw at the audience. I got a piece! Unfortunately I rolled it into a ball and put it in my bra for safe keeping, then at the end of the show I had sweated all over it and it was stuck in ball form and wasn't nearly as cool as it was when it was still stretchy and weird. So I threw it away. But the point is, I got some.
=> Also at the end of their show, the two drummers chucked their drums across the stage. Kind of a fun way to top it off. I have to wonder though, do their drums only last a couple shows each? Or are the drums they toss props that they sneakily replace their real drums with? We'll never know ...
=> Rammstein had to do something controversial of course, and they used dead babies. Well, dolls. About thirty of them were hanging from the ceiling then they all exploded. It was ... weird.
=>FIRE. Lots of it. Gas masks that breathed fire. A revolver that shot fire. Giant gold wings that caught on fire. Fire works. TWELVE pyro-cannons. Shit, I thought I was going to die at the end of their second set, I had both hands in the air and all twelve cannons went off and there was no room in the mosh pit, I couldn't put my hands back down! It was so hot, and I was about 2 metres away from the stage! I can't imagine what being ON the stage would be like!
=> Rammstein was kind enough to cool us off with a bubble cannon. Like the ones the Jonas Brothers have. Only cooler because it's not a band that only moms like.
=> This was my favourite part. The Rammstein keyboardist (not sure on his name...) was sooo boring at the beginning of the show. He was dressed all black and didn't do anything but play his keyboard ... then all of a sudden he ripped off the black to reveal a silver glittery jumpsuit! THEN he started walking (he was on a treadmill) ... then the treadmill started revolving and he was playing the keyboard on his one side then on the other side then both at the same time ... I couldn't take my eyes off him the whole night thanks to his glitter. Ooh, then he pulled out a dingy, tossed it on the crowd, jumped in and sailed away. He was the most random guy and by far my favourite.
=> In conclusion, three sets was not enough, I was so beat up and bruised from the pit and my feet hurt from standing but I was not ready for them to be done. I would DEFINITELY see Rammstein again, I've loved both them and Chombichrist since grade 9!

There were these guys in the mosh pit while we were waiting for the show to start who kept telling me to get out of there because I was going to be killed. I know that 4'11" isn't much, but I just kept telling them, I'm not leaving and I'm not scared of any mosh pit! They kept telling me to leave though, then some random guy jumped in and said, "GUYS. She's not scared. She'll be fine. Just shut the fuck up. She'll be fine." I appreciated them, and he kept my back for the entire show. He had an extrememly loud voice and he yelled "heads up!" every time a crowd surfer came around so I had time to duck. I only got kicked in the head twice! I just wish I could find my camera cord ... I would love to post some blurry pictures from the highlights ... ha, my camera is the WORST at taking these kind of pictures but I don't care!