Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dude. I just keep getting better and better and better and NOT blogging. Time to crack down again. I'm going to keep the goals small this time, I want to post at LEAST once a week. I'll hold myself to it this time.

Today I spent a lot of time cleaning. I didn't quite finish though, because I decided to stop and go to the gym with some friends of mine. We were planning on doing weights then going swimming, but stupid me forgot about the swimming part and had to sit by myself while everyone else went in. Sigh... it wasn't so bad, but I wish I could have joined.

After lunch I went to Alex's crib to meet his brother from another mother. Turns out his dad had a baby before he met his mom and voila! Alex is a half-uncle of five little kids. Who knew? I think the whole experience is really exciting and awesome and fun and fantastic, but everyone else seems so worried. Alex's mom is worried about them not getting along, but at the end of the visit Alex's brother invited us all over to his house for supper next week. I don't see what there is to worry about. Barry's family seems to really like Alex's family and really wants to know them, but Alex's family is all freaking out about it. I think it would be so much fun to learn about another family you didn't know you were related to, and to meet them and become friends after so many years! But then again, I'm not in Alex's family so maybe an outsider's point of view is just different. I had a lot of fun making play-dough sculptured with the kids though! Two of them had mohawks. They're off to a good, stylish start.

We had family movie night at my house tonight and we watched Chicago. Jack had just finished a run of Chicago, he played banjo in the orchestra. For a small-town production, they did pretty well for a such a small town putting on a big Broadway musical. The acting was ridiculous, but the singing and dancing was very well done.

MAN IT'S COLD. It is currently -25 but feels like -36 out there because of the wind, and it was blizzarding all day. I vaguely remember my friend Tyrel telling me that it was supposed to be a mild winter this year ... I kind of figured it wouldn't be after it snowed for two weeks straight in January, then Candlemas was the hottest day of the season at 2 degrees Celsius (a VERY bad omen)! Don't get me wrong, winter is my favourite season, I think it is the prettiest by FAR. But sometimes it's just tooooo cold. Tomorrow it is supposed to be -27, but luckily there is only a -42 degree wind chill. Yaaaaaaay.