Monday, July 25, 2011


So my last post was about Harry Potter, and now here's another post about Harry Potter. Because I saw it again and OH MY GRASH, GIRLS. It was soooo good again. There was like, no one in the theatre though which is odd seeing as it's a big deal and has only been out for a week and everything. Ah well.

I went with my new friends! Dustin and Bryan. FINALLY people I can be ME around! I thought I would make friends at work but then it turns out I have ZERO in common with them ... Alex is my one and only man and I'm sooooo in love with that little cutie, and since he can't move here just yet and the girls at work are all single and go home with a different man every night, so they're all "Let's go for drinks!" and I'm all "Sounds like fun!" and the first time I was kinda shocked ... we were sitting around the table just chatting, then all of a sudden one of them was like "Oh see the guy in the black? I'm going with him tonight!" Then they turned to me and asked me who I wanted, and I'm like "Dude .... I got a man I don't need NOBODOY else." .............. "Oh but he's not here, not like he's gonna know."

Me and my friends are not like that! I've never actually hung out with someone who was that desperate to get an STD. I mean ... I know there are people who like to do that kind of stuff but it's just never been for me and my friends ... we're a little smarter ;) But no, if that's your lifestyle then whatevs, I'm not going to judge, but I just can't imagine being that way. It's just not quite ..... wholesome ... and I don't care if Alex isn't here, I'm his girl and only his. And GUARANTEED if I went ahead and did that, he would find out eventually. I've never heard of anyone getting away with cheating.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the matter. And that is why I just don't know if I can be friends with those girls. Don't get me wrong, they're totally cool and super nice and everything, but like I said, ZILCHO in common HURR HURR zilcho...


Dustin and Bryan are friggin hilarious. I feel SO much better hanging out with guys than with girls and ALEX - I appreciate that you don't get jealous of that fact :) You're awesome babe and I miss you. I hope Alex likes these guys too. I think he will ... maybe we can form a new posse since we'll be here without Torrance and Romer. Torrance would be Bryan because he fell asleep twice during Harry Potter, and Romer is not either of them because neither one did anything that reminded me of Romer really. I mean aside from the fact that falling asleep during an epic movie is something that Torrance would do, neither one is like Torrance either. But I still had a blast with them and now I can go to the bar to just chill and play pool rather than dance until I'm the only one left at the club because I haven't let any guys pick me up and now I have to get a $40 cab home ALL BY MYSELF. Yeah. It's happened. >:(

Where did I meet them? At church lol

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter!

Harry Potter! Harry Potter! Harry Potter at midnight!