Monday, June 28, 2010

Well, camping turned out to be a no go ... I wasn't really wanting to go in the first place but didn't feel like fussing about it in my blog because that would be lame, but I have my reasons for deciding in the end to just stay home.

Anyway, I went to my friend Sarah's eighteenth birthday tonight (happy birthday chikie chick!). I met some cool people while eating supper there, fun time. I love meeting people hehe. And I got to ride home in a convertible with one of the new friends I made named Ryan. He has the same last name as me, little weird, but not surprising since my last name is so ridiculously common. He was a pretty cool guy.

The reason I came home so ridiculously early is because they were all going bar-hopping and I'm still the youngin in the group. Sigh ... one more month and then I can finally join them! Sheesh ... Being the last person to reach drinking age is pretty lame ...

So yeah, came home early and ordered some new hair for dread falls since I changed the colour of my hair from pink now. I just got some platinum blonde and then a bunch of different colours to mix in with it. I think the plan for my hair, since I probably need to get a slightly more "normal" hairstyle for working in a salon, is to let it go back to light blonde and just change sections of it crazy colours. Then I will have my blonde falls and I can mix in whatever colour my hair is at the time in with them! I know, I know, I'm so clever, right? So next week I hope it's rainy, so I have an excuse to be inside backcombing and steaming my new hair into dreads.

Also while being bored early in the evening, I did the Wikipedia Hitler Hunt. I think my friend Lincoln made this up, where you start on any page and keep clicking links until you wind up with Hitler. So this is for you, Lincoln, but you probably will never see it. I started with "Tecktonik", then clicked glowsticking > rave > fog machine > glycerol > lipid > lipid signaling > biosynthesis > antibiotic > Ancient Greek > Hellenistic Civilization > Alexander the Great > Polis > Archaic Greece > political philosophy > capital (economics) > leadership > violence > genocide > the Holocaust > Nazi Germany > Adolph Hitler.

And that is what I do when there is nothing to do. Haha, if you have nothing to do, you should do the Wikipedia Hitler Hunt and let's see what you can come up with and how many clicks it takes you to make it to Hitler. :P

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