Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Panty Pervert strikes again!

I didn't think I'd have another story so soon, but here is something really weird.

After he came in and did his usual 'sneaking' around (he is so bad at sneaking), Kara went outside for a cigarette and saw him take some stuff out of his truck, put it in a cart, and wheel it up to her. What that stuff was was a duvet and two pillows, all of it was SO dirty, all yellow and brown stained, like it was very old and wasn't washed as often as it should have been. Kara didn't know what to do with it, and she couldn't just leave it there because that would be gross, so she brought it back to the warehouse and had Britney help her throw it out. They both put on rubber gloves (would YOU touch any of that stuff??) and started to move the pillows into a garbage bag. Britney started gagging and dry-heaving, and Kara ran out of the room (maybe she threw up? Poor girl). The rest of the warehouse was coughing and my eyes teared up. It smell like VINEGAR and MOULD. Why did this guy leave that stuff here??

I'm not sure what happened after that, but I think Kara or Grace ended up calling the police about him. His behavious is very very suspicious and something should probably be done about him ...

But, I don't take things seriously very often, so I just think it's kind of funny.

I went and hung out with my friend Danae for a bit because I missed her birthday party because of work ... I didn't want to cancel a shift so early after being hired, that probably wouldn't look very good for me. Her birthday is on Wednesday ... she'll be eighteen, isn't that exciting?

Then when I got home I pulled out my make-up like I usually do in the evenings and just put a bunch on, stuff that I wouldn't usually do in public, just for fun before I take it all off for the night. Instead of doing something I wouldn't do in public, I did some practice for my grad-face. I used so many sparkles and had so much fun! I'm too tired right now after working so much, but maybe I'll post the pictures of my practice tomorrow. I'm glad I practiced though because I think I can do SO much better on the swirls that I drew, hehe.

I am absolutely DREADING grad. Don't ask me why, but I HATE grad. I'm going to cap and gown for my dear old grandparents who want to watch me take my diploma. And I'm going to the 'grand march' so I can wear my crazy make-up (being seventeen in a hick-town, there is not a lot of opportunities to wear extravagant make-up). But I don't think it sounds like much fun AT ALL.

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