Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My current hair.

I am getting so bored of the blonde. It has now been two weeks and I feel so terribly plain! I love having bright colours in my hair ... this is getting very difficult for me. I miss my pink hair so much. I go in for my training for my new job today at 5:00, and I'm debating whether I should ask them if they allow dyed hair today, or if I should wait. Grad is in 10 days and I think I'll keep it blonde for grad, because it looks pretty good with my dress (and also my dress is purple, and if I dyed my hair I would make it purple and that might be too much purple). So I think about it ... and wait ... patiently ... sigh ...

Then there's this thing about everyone telling me how great I look blonde and they like it blonde the best. I disagree though ... Everyone ELSE may like it blonde but I'M the one who has to actually wear it! And I, personally, do not like feeling so plain.

But I guess I can put up with it for these 10 days ... but then I don't know ... I may just go insane (that is, more insane than currently)!

Oh, and while on the topic of hair, I was on Facebook and one of my friends had joined a fan page, and when I clicked on it, I was distracted by one of the other people who had joined it. I do NOT want this hair.

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