Monday, October 25, 2010

Today was quite fun, we started a new chapter in our textbooks finally and I really should be resting for the exam based on last chapter tomorrow morning, but I should probably also work on THIS. Teena brought out three huge bins of the most disgusting old greasy wigs I've ever seen, and for some reason we all put them on our heads anyway. I took some pictures on my phone but I'm technologically handicapped AND lazy and I don't feel like figuring out how to upload those right now. See? I need my boyfriend to come home and help me figure technological stuff out because me and computers just don't get along at all.

After school I ate supper and then I went to Jackass 3D ... with my ... parents ...... awkward.
You see, unfortunately for me, all my 18+ friends either moved away over the summer or don't do R-rated films or drink or anything ... so I brought my parents. Yaaaaay.
Damn that movie was FUNNY though. I think it may be my favourite. Probably because most of it was funny and less of it was disgusting. I don't do super well with puke and poop and what not (we'll see how I function as a mother, AHHH), and this one had a little bit less of that than the other two Jackass movies. It was the same old mindless shit we all enjoy for some insane reason, only fresh. So it gets my approval.

Holy brown eyes Batman (also that's my Steve-O face)

Ohhh yes... it's probably not noticeable in the picture, I mean, I can hardly notice it myself when I just look, but last week we cut my layers in my hair reeeeally short. I don't really notice it at all, but when I'm styling it, UGH. And it is a BITCH when I have to put it in a ponytail, it falls out all over the place. And that friends, is why Blythe hates layers. They just bug me so much when I have to style them. But ... I had so much split ends and nodules in my hair, so it just kinda had to go. My hair is considerably easy to brush at least ... but UGH, ponytails!

Also I found this picture of me ... I miss having colourful hair :(

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