Saturday, October 30, 2010

A quick update before I head out!

Obviously, since it's Halloween and all, I will be partying. I'm off to some huge Halloween bash hosted by a local bar. There's supposed to be 4500 people at it! Dang... I'm a little nervous, being such a petite, cute girl, and this local bar is known for it's date rape horror stories ... but I'll stick close to my friends and I made myself up to look as unattractive as possible.

Everyone have a good time and a safe Halloween! Hopefully I will get around to updating about tonight sometime tomorrow...

Also, I have some good news and bad news... the bad news is, Alex's college was not what he expected and it just didn't work out for him, and he's feeling upset about it ... the good news is he'll be home on Monday! I'm so excited to see him again and at the same time I feel bad that it didn't turn out well all the way across the country, but he's 19. Plenty of time for him to figure wout what he loves and wants to do for a career.

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  1. I wish we had big Halloween events around my area! Awesome make-up :)