Friday, November 5, 2010

Okay, time to tell you about my crazy Halloween.

And by Halloween, I actually mean Saturday the 30th, but that's when I did all my Halloweening. So ... it started with me getting dressed in my zombie gear because I didn't want men to bug me and wanted to be as ugly as possible (it didn't work as planned, unfortunately). Cassie came over dressed as a cute pirate and we had a couple drinks and took some shots then we got picked up by our double D and went to Tanawgis's appartment so that Tanawgis and Sarah could get in their costumes, and we had a couple more drinks, including our double D who was definitely now too drunk to drive. So we got a cab and went out to the big Halloween .... "Fright Night?" I think that's what it was called. Cassie and I made a beeline to the dance floor, of course. And for some reason, Dynamite by Taio Cruz is ALWAYS playing whenever I first walk into a bar/club/party, whatever. ALWAYS that song. So it was no different on Saturday night. I figured that the fact that I was in my ugly poor dead girl garb and the fact that flail more than I dance would keep men off of me, but for some reason there was five or six guys all dressed in identical sailor costumes all were trying to dance with me. It felt like a gang bang so I kind of danced away and more towards Cassie and the others, and I was thinking all night, WHAT'S WITH ALL THESE SAILORS?? It tripped me out. Well, one of those sailors didn't really get the hint when I tried to get away from them, and he wanted to dance with me anyway. So I'm like, what the hell, I can probably get a few free drinks out of this (a friend of mine was bartending and I can trust her not to mix anything "extra" in there). So we danced for a while, and it's weird ... I remember sending Alex one text that said "A sailor just kissed me. I didn't mean for that to happen and I didn't kiss back and I'm sorry." but I definitely don't remember ever getting kissed. Also I apparently sent him more than just that text, I sent him like, five texts apologizing profusely. I didn't feel that drunk, but I guess if I'm forgetting stuff I must have been pretty far gone. Moving on...

So he bought me a rum and coke and we immediately returned to the dance floor (and yes, I did tell him at the beginning that I had a boyfriend and he seemed to think that was alright with him and he just wanted to dance too. Probably not truthful on his part but he didn't seem to be trying anything too funny so I just danced anyway). Once on the dance floor I held my rum and coke over my head so it wouldn't get bumped by anyone and sloshed all over me and I would bring it down and take a sip then put it back up. I did that a couple times, then, I don't know, the fifth or sixth sip I took, I brought it down and it was gone. Just gone, not just the drink, but the cup and everything. So I stopped dancing and just stood there and laughed because I was so confused about where my drink went. That was when Cassie told me to come to the bathroom with her so we went to the bathroom and some girl came out of a stall crying and she ran up to me and hugged me and kept crying and yelling "YOU LOOK SO GOOD! OH MY GOSH YOU LOOK GOOD! (sob sob)"

Then my mom was a party pooper and said it was time to come home and she was waiting to pick me up outside and I'm like, it's only 2!! Then I remembered I had to be up bright and early for work and decided ... yes, it's probably for the best and I may as well take advantage of her offer to drive me home just in case I have no other way.

The end! Very fun night .... I so wish I could have stayed later :(

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