Friday, November 5, 2010

The bird in the chimney

That is to say, birdS.

So I woke up this morning with a fever and therefore was forced to call in sick to work (oh how unfortunate.....) So I went back to bed and was sleeping for a while, then suddenly I heard screaming upstairs. At first it sounded angry, so I thought maybe my mom and sister were getting into a little match, then it turned into scared screams and I thought maybe someone was hurt, then it turned into laughing loudly. Then, quiet. Then, angry screams to scared screams to laughing. Then, quiet again. So I really couldn't figure out what was going on so I decided to pull my achey body out of bed and go upstairs. Mom and Emilee were in the kitchen saying stuff like "Call dad," "What do we do?" etc. And I'm all in my feverish state like, "wut" and they were like "There's birds in the chimney."

And this is where I will switch to their side of the story, as this is now where are stories merge. So I guess our cat Petunia was staring very intensely into the fireplace and they wondered why she was doing that. She would not take her eyes off and they figured maybe she was just looking at her reflection. But she wouldn't move and they couldn't figure out what she was doing so they tried opening the door, and Petunia went inside and batted something around and came out with a mostly dead bird in her mouth, which I must have been disgusting because there were some pretty crazy screams when they discovered it was still living. It wasn't living for long though, because by the time I got up the stairs it was defintely very dead indeed.

So we took the dead bird outside and tossed it in the bushes and then realized there was scratching in the fireplace still. And it was discovered that apart from the dead bird, there was another bird, this one very very much alive. So we got a box and attempted to catch it and failed very miserably, so we just ended up opening all the windows and waited for it to finally fly out of one, which it did. THE END.

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