Sunday, May 20, 2012

Good morning world! Last night we managed to make it into town by 11:30. That is quite impressive time! So I went to my brother's friend M's 18th birthday party! It was in the basement of her parents' dental office so you know, we were asked to (or at least it's common sense to) be respectful.

Well, some underaged losers decide to start rolling joints in the bathroom and the party was shut down. Which I am okay with, some of those kids were way to freaky. And the bad hair! Wow people in my hometown have terrible terrible hair. I need to go back home and rinse my eyes with some men who have good haircuts.

It was only about 12:30 when the party ended, so we decided to head on over to a club down the street. Took some jagerbombs and everything was good, danced all night then came home and bugged my husband. It was fun and I made a new friend with M's big sister, so she's coming to the firepit tonight! I'm excited, it's going to be such a blast.

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