Friday, May 11, 2012

Hello all, I figured I would update finally since you know, it's only been almost two lot us since a post. Well I just wanted to say that Alex and I went on an amazing honeymoon to Harry Potter land. It was better than I ever imagined, I was extremely impressed with what they had done!! And for it being technically still spring break when we went, the line-ups were like nothing, thank goodness. I have finally gotten over a four week long illness so I oak hoping I'll be able to pick up the slack on my blog. It all started our last day on Orlando, when we were in the shuttle at 3:30 in the morning on our way to the airport. I hadn't been feeling well all morning; I was just sweaty but cold and headachey and life was just not good for me. I had to get the shuttle driver to pull over to the side of the road :( The flu lasted all day so I was so very thankful to finally get home. My mom picked us up from the airport and I had to get her to pull over a couple times too. It was so awful. I had a cold at the same time, which turned into laryngitis, which turned into bronchitis, and I was down for the count. I barely went to work at all in April and I felt terrible about it! But I'm definitely better now, just kinda phlegmy. It's getting nice outside! It's been raining a lot which is good I suppose, got to get the green grass started! But I'm ready for some sunshine and it sounds like this weekend we are getting it! I am so excited. I would like to put a few honeymoon photos up but Alex just got the Witcher 2 for PC so I'm going to be nice and give him more time with it. But for now, I'm going to try and make updating my blog part of my bedtime routine!

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