Monday, September 13, 2010

My first day of school!

School finally started for me, yay! Now I get to learn how to ACTUALLY do hair, instead of my own made-up methods (which work well, but there MUST be easier ways to do everything...)

So the day was VERY uninteresting. Of course we had to start with the basics, braiding... we did our French and Dutch braids for the entire ten-hour day. Teena is a perfectionist (as a hairdresser SHOULD be!!) so she wouldn't let us move on until our braids were GOOD and EVEN and TIGHT. I mastered mine first out of the four other people in my class ... and I'm the youngest! But then again ... I already knew how to braid French and Dutch ... so I kind of had an advantage. But I was quite proud that I impressed the instructor with my second attempt at a French braid, then first attempt at a Dutch :) My fingers are so sore now ... From 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM it was constant braiding, un-braiding, then re-braiding using AWFUL old-school Barbie hair (pure plastic) ... YUCK. No matter how many times you combed it, you still had to yank it apart to get it sectioned so it was extremely hard to get the braid tight. But as Teena mentioned ... "Look on the bright side, if you can braid THIS you can braid ANYTHING!"

Ooh - ONE interesting thing happened today. This guy came in, and he looked like the one guy from Trailer Park Boys (I'm sorry, I don't watch it so I have no idea what their names are), the guy with the big glasses and combover. Minus the big glasses. But there was certainly an uncanny resemblance ... ANYWAY we were almost done our lunch break when Teena came in to tell Alyssa (? I think that was her name but I met a LOT of girls that day and I could be confusing them) that her client was their early so she should finish her lunch fifteen minutes early and take the client. So Alyssa got up and went out of the break room, then came back in and said, "THAT'S my client?" and said she didn't want to do him and asked Teena if she could give her client to someone else. Teena seemed to be in a bad mood and made her take the client anyway ... and I was confused because, yes, working with a combover would be gross but I could suck it up and do it anyway ... then I came back into the room where we were braiding to reluctantly start the braiding back up again ... and there was Alyssa working on this weird Trailer Park guy's FEET. Apparently the reason she was so concerned with working on him is because he didn't want a haircut ... he wanted a PEDICURE. And he didn't look like the most hygenic guy in the world ... and he DID have disgusting feet. The longeset toenails I have ever seen, which he asked to keep long and have painted BRIGHT SPARKLY turquoise. Brandy whispered to me, he is either gay or has an intense foot fetish, or both. I wonder ... but I don't really want to know :/

So that was pretty much my first day of school! Pretty long day, being on my feet and braiding the entire time. But, every hairstylist has to start with that of course ... curriculum and what not. 10 hours of hairstyling down, 1,390 to go! And Teena said that since we were so quick at learning our braids, we would move onto pedicures tomorrow. Which means we could potentially be taking our own clients next week. And all I can think is hopefully, I won't get a Trailer Park guy xD Apparently he was a construction worker ... I don't understand how his feet could be comfortable in his work boots, with his long toenails ... how does he prevent ingrowns ...? (shudder)

Also, today I noticed I had TEN followers! I didn't realise anyone would actually start to follow me ... I just ran out of pages in my daily journal so I decided to make something that DOESN'T run out of pages ... and I didn't think my life was THAT interesting ... now I feel pressured to actually put something interesting on here! Heheh, but not really :P

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