Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wow, it's only my THIRD DAY of school?

That is what it is starting to feel like. The majority of today was ... BRAIDING. Of course I'm sure this is how any hair school would start out, as all hair schools in Canada *should* have the same curriculum. But it DOES get a little tiring ... I'm excited to move on, that's for sure ... hopefully next week? We're still waiting for our kits to come in (HOW did Teena forget order them? Grrrr ...)

I did finally get to learn pedicures today. I found out that I am absolutely horrible at painting the nails, but they tell me I do really good massages. Yay, something I'm good at other than corn rows (because I cannot tell you how sick I am getting of corn rows)!

Then this afternoon we learned manicures. Amber taught Alyssa how, and lucky for me they were right behind me so I could hear all the instructions. Why is that lucky? Well ... the girl who taught me apparently doesn't do it properly ... she did it in about a third of the time it took Amber to do Alyssa's manicure, and she seemed to be skipping a lot of steps ... and my polish looked like ... well, not good (ha, I removed it now). So I will just kind of combine what I learned from the pedicure, what I learned in grade 10 cosmetology a billion years ago, and what I learned from listening in on Amber teaching Alyssa, and I should be able to come up with a pretty decent manicure for when I start practicing tomorrow.

Oh, Teena got a dog last night and brought the little thing to school. It's one of those little step-on dogs ... I think she said it was a yorkie crossed with chihuahua. UGH it's dumb, because he's a small dog, so he darts around the building because he's terrified of everyone. At least he isn't yappy like other step-on dogs ... but he could get less shy sometime *shudder* And that is why BIG dogs like Daisy are the way to go. Also, this little guy (Teena's daughter named him Friday) pees all over the place. And he took a really stinky crap right behind my station while I was half-heartedly continuing my corn rows. I WANT THE KITS TO COME SO WE CAN MOVE ONTO SOMETHING ELSE UUUGHHHH

Ooh, but Teena said, since it's freezing outside and supposed to snow tonight which is pretty insane considering it should still be fairly sunny ... everyone who comes to school anyway gets a nice long scalp massage! ... which seems to be a good thing, even though I'm not really sure if I would enjoy a scalp massage ... I feel like it would be awkward, someone just scrubbing their fingers all over my scalp ... oh well. I want the hours so I guess I will go tomorrow anyway, of course. I only have 1,360 hours left after that!


  1. Not to overly stereotype, but are there alot of Canadians getting corn rows these days?? (I am in St. Louis, MO USA and there are people in the inner city getting them still, but in Canada? Who knew....

  2. No, no one in Canada I know likes corn rows enough to get them. It's just a big part of the cosmetology curriculum and the best place for students to start. We practice on mannequin heads, undoing and braiding and undoing and braiding and on and on ...

  3. Well, I am glad you have your start at a future career, making the world a more beautiful place. You should find a way to combine cosmotology with piercings and tattoos, that would be an interesting shop. ;) Have a great week.