Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My SECOND day of school ... !

Today was not quite as fun as yesterday ... I have managed to catch this terrible cold, despite the fact that I have been stuffing my face with echinacea and Cold FX. And I braided for another ten hours straight ... my fingers actually started bleeding :(

Megan (the instructor) managed to be there today. She is quite different from Teena. She seems to be veeeeeeeeery serious.

I was supposed to be learning pedicures in the afternoon today, but they started with my other two classmates and didn't get around to me and the other guy today. So we get to start our pedicures first thing in the morning. I would have liked to do it at the end of the day, like the others did ... that would have felt sooooo good after standing all day. Ah well, at least we won't be doing much more braiding tomorrow. Because after we finish our pedicures, we move onto manicures! So it should be a better day tomorrow.

Ooh, and creepy toe guy came back again today, this time to get his finger nails done. He didn't get those painted though, he just wanted the top and base coat. Then he apparently picked up an application to the school ... which is weird because he is really not girly at all and he's pretty old, maybe in his forties, and balding ... it just doesn't seem right. Megan thought he got the manicure and pedicure just because he liked to be pampered as most men secretly do, but now she thinks (and she probably says this just to be funny, but I'm not so sure) that he noticed that there was a male in my class and now wants to join. I don't know ... but he sure is an intersting character. Weird old men just seem to follow me about.

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