Monday, September 20, 2010

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

I felt too lazy to update about any of those days. So here's a brief update about my weekend:

Thursday: was not the weekend yet. I went to school again and we finished braiding nice and early, about two hours in. Then we did manicures ... I think? I forget what we did after that but in the afternoon we started scalp massages. After Jesse finished my massage she styled my hair with a billion little spiral curls that everyone else LOVED. I thought it was ... well, pretty ... but it definitely was NOT "me." Or maybe I just need to get used to it ... I don't know. I'll post a picture tonight.
The power went out around 3:00 so we all got to go home early. I hadn't finished putting the cooling conditioner on Jesse's hair, I only got one half of her head done when it went out so she had to drive home with half her head freezing cold. She said she didn't mind because she liked the feeling. I think she's crazy. I couldn't stand having the cooling conditioner on my head, it felt really really weird and I didn't like having a cold head.
So I hitched a ride with Brandi back home and went to Lana's and we went on a walk and chilled and it was a fun evening.

Friday: I had been called into work for 9-5 but I woke up quite ill as I had been getting a cold all week. YUCK. So I called in and slept all morning and had a really really weird dream about my grandparents wanting to rape me and it freaked me WAY OUT. WHAT KIND OF EFFED UP KID AM I TO DREAM SOMETHING LIKE THAT?? It sounds stupid but it was a very real, very terrifying dream and I never want to speak of it again. Then I was feeling better in the afternoon so I made a trip to the bank, then a trip to the liquor store that evening because I was out of rum.

Saturday: I worked all day. That's all. OOH and I watched Glee for the first ever time ... and I totally have a crush on the little gay kid! Hahaha ... well, not quite a crush on HIM per say, but definitely a crush on his fashion sense. Dayum, that kid knows how to dress. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one jacket he wore ... it was drummer jacket type thing and it was very hot and I want one just like it!

Sunday: I worked all day again. Then went for a little drive in the new car my parents got ... a Ford Fusion. For an icky Ford ... it's actually pretty nice. I think I can handle it. I would drive it myself but I have always despised driving and avoid it whenever I can. Even if it means waiting for like 15 minutes for my parents to pick me up from school everyday. I HATE DRIVING.

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