Sunday, September 12, 2010

While I wait for my nails to dry

Just decided to make an entry about my day while I am waiting for my nails to dry (I can't go to bed nice and early while my nails are still wet you see). Well, today I woke up and went to church. They are trying this new thing where we split up our one church into two churches because apparently we don't all fit into one. I don't know why we are doing this, as I think it would be a much better idea just to either build a new church or renovate the one we already have. I have a little theory of what most likely, actually, probably inevitably, will happen if continue with this idea of splitting into two churches.

In biology I remember our teacher telling us about this experiment where 100 flies were taken and put into an environment, with a solid wall splitting them and separating them into groups of 50. After just a few months of them breeding with only the flies on their side of the environment, the two groups could no longer breed with each other as they had become two different species of flies altogether. This is what I am afraid will happen to our church. They say they split us because they think it will make us able to expand and become unified, but I think that all it will do is make us two separate churches. Which brings me to a difficult decision. Which church should I go to? I have an even split of friends in between them ... so maybe I'll just have to alternate? Today I went to the smaller one, the new one, closer to my house. There was hardly anyone there and it was a pretty decent service, same as it usually is ... and we have my favourite worship team and this church. But there will also be things I miss about the old church ... so I think next Sunday I will have to go back to the old one. God made me a social butterfly ... so I guess I will have to do my best.

After church, I ate some delicious soup because I was cold because of the whopping two degrees it was outside. I guess it IS almost fall, but that is still freezing. And the sun STILL hasn't come out since Alex left ... well, it did for a little while yesterday, good thing too because I needed to get a little bit of sun on the day that I was saying good-bye to a good friend. I believe that Sherel is with the Lord now and happier than we can imagine, and we'll see her again one day :)

ANYWAY ... I wanted to get a bag for school, so that I could keep my school stuff out of my purse and my purse stuff can stay in my purse. So I went out and ended up finding a cool one at work, and I think it suits me well. The pattern is kind of like argyle, but instead of diamonds it uses hot pink hearts. I think it's really cute. Then I went home, got my dog, and went off to Lana's house to join her on a little walk. When I got there though, I found her underneath a million blankets and she said she wasn't feeling well, so we just sat and talked for hours, sharing memories of Sherel mostly. It was a really good talk that we had. I'm glad we have each other still to support each other ... Lana was in the accident as well and I have no idea what I would do if I had lost her, too ... now THAT would have killed me. After talking for ... probably about four hours, my sister called to tell us to come over for pizza. Kind of a good thing because my throat was sore from blabbing so much. Laurel was there just for a quick visit and some tea apparently, and Gavin was there for a board game night. After Laurel left we continued our tea drinking and started a good game of Rummoli. I was having terrible luck as usual with that game and lost pretty much everything. It was fun though. I had to dye my hair tonight so that it would be nice and fresh for school so I had to leave the game early, so I Skyped with Alex the whole time I was dying my hair (which I'm sure must have been entertaining for him). Sigh ... I miss him so much and I am so very excited for Christmas when I get to have him for two whole weeks! Then he goes back and I have to miss him again ... ugh ... this is so much harder than I had anticipated ... but I have no doubt that we are going to work this long distance thing out. I love you Alex :)

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  1. I love you too teddybear. we will work things out. I thank the lord everyday that i have you. you make me want to sing journey songs from the rooftops.