Thursday, August 18, 2011


So I came to the apartment after work, and Alex is all "There is a mouse under the stove." And I'm like for reals man? Alex had been looking all day and found nowhere that the mouse could have come in through, no holes or cracks anywhere. So Alex had gotten a bunch of traps and set them up in every room, but no luck. So I came in and he was trying to scare it out from under the stove to show me, then he jumped out from behind the microwave! THEN he ran behind the stove. So we inched the stove away from the wall, and I took one of the traps which was in a paper bag and put it between the stove and the wall so he would have no choice but to run into the bag if he came my way. Alex took the other side and scared it, it ran into the bag, I picked up the bag and then I handed the bag to Alex. Then Alex said "What should we do?" And I said, "Shake it, and see if he trap closes on the mouse." And Alex handed it to me and said, "i don't have the heart to do that, you do it." And I tried and it didn't work. So we were like, what now? And Alex said to hit the bag on the wall, so the trap goes off. So I gave it to Alex and that's what he did, and it went off. Then we slowly opened the bag, and the trap was just sitting there, upside down. The trap moved and the mouse crawled out frm under it, all in one piece. So we just took it out to the balcony and shook the bag til the mouse jumped out off of the balcony. hehehehehehe.

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