Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today, I worked out that I needed to do 142 heads in 32 days. Which means, at least 4 heads a day. I did six today, so I'm on a roll :)

Nothing interesting happened at school ... after school, I came home and ate food, then Alex and I chilled for a bit then went to BTF's with a bunch of friends. AKA Maigyn, Kayte, Shawna, Sarah, and Emilee. We also ran into Allison and Torrance, Romer and Shelby there. Seemed like there just so happened to be a party at BTF's tonight. And I guess there sort of was, what with the hockey game tonight. We weren't there for the hockey game, and after it was finished and people left we had a nice big table all to ourselves.

Then, since most people have places to be in the morning, we went home. And here I am. The end. Yay for short entries...

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