Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My room seems like it is so empty now that it's clean. Guess this resolution will take some getting used to ...

Today at school we finally started to learn how to actually CUT hair. We started with two blunt cuts, which were so easy, and I thought it was weird because you really do think that cutting would be a little more complicated than that. After I cut off a half-inch as practice, then went back over it and cut another inch off, we had to do what is called a 180 degree cut, in order to create mullet-like layers. That one is a little more complicated, and I worked on it for about an hour and it's still not done; I have to finish it tomorrow.

After school I went over to Alex's house and built more treehouses, then we were going to try and rent Case 39, because a couple of the girls were talking about it at school and saying it was pretty good and that it was out on DVD today. Apparently our regular-ish rental place didn't get any new releases ... so we found the Human Centipede instead. I now feel like I need to take a nice, long bath, then sleep for a few hours, then take three showers again after I wake up. It was really really stupid, but it didn't stop it from being really really gross. I really should remember how much I am disgusted by gory/torture type of horror movies such as Saw and what not. No more letting my curiosity get the better of me. I will not watch anymore gross horror movies. But, I think I will continue to watch demon/paranormal types of horror movies ... those terrify me lately but I love them anyway.

Now I am going to bed, and hopefully I'll have a happy dream and forget all about the Human Centipede.

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