Monday, January 3, 2011

Today was the first day back at school after the extremely short holidays. We had a new girl joining us today. Her name was Brooke, and she seems soooo sweet. I waxed her eyebrows and maybe made a new friend? I hope ...

Anyway, this is frustrating: Halfway through the day, Teena realized that it was a stat holiday, and that we were the only college in the province open for classes ... she let us go home at 3:00, but that's only three hours of extra holiday when we could have had ten ... well, shucks. :P

So I walked over to Alex's house and he let me give that Swedish game with the name I couldn't recall, which I learned was Minecraft. Alex had built a series of underground mines, and I am working on a series of treehouses in order to stay away from the enemies. I don't mean to brag but ... mine seems to be working a tad better. HA! That was a total lie. It took me forever to even really get started on the first treehouse, which still isn't even complete even though I was playing for almost two hours. Maybe I will get another chance to play it and it will get better ... maybe ... I mean, the treehouses are fool-proof and creeper-proof, in theory ...

When I got home I ate supper and got to work on cleaning my room and cleaning out my drawers, which I can't even close and my dresser is threatening to topple over!! I managed to get rid of a lot of clothes by putting them in my closet (the ones which I didn't really wear but had other value to me, such as autographed band tee's which I bought at concerts; summer clothes; and clothes that really should have been hanged up rather than folded and squashed into my drawers), and now they close! I even had room to neatly organize my collection of stockings and tights and pantyhose, so perhaps now it will be easier to find the pair I'm looking for each morning ... I also finally got all my make-up compacted into a smaller area. Normally I keep lots of my make-up in my drawers, and then the make-up that I use everyday or use often is packed away in a box which took up a pretty good portion of my desk ... but I didn't really need the whole box just for that amount of make-up. I managed to put it all into a small make-up kit by Betsey Johnson which I got from Alex's family. Now, without the big box taking up all my desk space, I have more room for my random/tacky/stupid little trinkets! :)

(definitely still have some cleaning to do, like wiping off my desk xD)

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