Sunday, January 2, 2011

Today was yet another lazy day for me. My family forgot to wake me up and I ended up sleeping through church, heh ... so I watched Corner Gas all day. Corner Gas is probably the only good thing about Saskatchewan ... which seems pretty interesting if you watch Corner Gas. Don't be fooled though ... there's not much to see there. Unless you like farmlife. Maybe it's just not my thing ...

I did take a break from Corner Gas at one point though, to eat lunch and wax my dad's back using the new GiGi wax pot that my parents got me for Christmas. It worked well ... and I knew that waxing Dad would be really funny, and I expected him to chicken out, but he didn't ... and it was way way way more hilarious than I even expected! Emilee took a video of it ... but I decided to keep that off the Internet, for my poor dad's sake. I can always just use it as black mail later. OHHH ... KELLY CLARKSON!!

After waxing him good and smooth, I went over to Alex's house to chill with him and Chris. Chris showed us some game ... I forget completely what it was called, but apparently it's from Sweden and basically all you do is try and build a shelter and scavenge all the supplies you can before it becomes nighttime and the terrible beasts come out ... I think that's the gist of it. The graphics are hilarious, all blocky, it looks like such an oooold game but is apparently very recent, and very terrifying when the zombies come out at night. I didn't find them all the scary at all ... but maybe it's one of those things where you need to actually be playing the game and getting into it. Eventually we switched to REAL zombies though, and completed a campaign on Left 4 Dead 2, followed by Rock Band 3, followed by a movie called Frailty that Alex and I started watching after Chris left. Unfortunatley, school is starting for me again tomorrow, and I have to go to bed early if I'm ever going to get up on time to actually make it to school for 8:00 ... so we're going to have to finish it tomorrow.

I finally remembered to change my calendar as well. I forgot to yesterday ... but when I got home I realized it hadn't been done so I put up my new one. Better late than never! ... but it's bad luck to change the page of your calendar before the start of the new month. It taunts Death terribly, because you're assuming you'll still be alive in the new month ... so, it's good-bye to the Disney villains ... and Hello Kitty!

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