Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Ohh, it's a jolly holiday with meeee...

Today was 30 degrees! It was GORGEOUS! And 30 degrees is CRAZY for April. Usually it doesn't get this hot until the middle of June!
The above picture actually has a pretty funny story behind it. Today is 4/20, or 'National Drug Bust Day.' It's pretty much just a made up holiday where everyone gets together in the park to smoke weed in order to mock the police. Personally, I think it's ridiculous. Anywho, Lana and I wanted to walk through the park after school just to look at the ridiculous stoners, and we stopped in the shade of a tree to wait for my dad to come and pick us up. A large group of people walked past carrying a ridiculous amount of colourful balloons, and two of them, who seemed to be pretty much trippin', said she liked my look and wanted me to pose with the balloons.

It's kind of fun living in a tiny redneck town, because when people see someone like me, they get confused. I often get asked for my picture around here. I don't really mind, in fact I find it kind of funny.

We also took a look at this cairn, and Lana remembered that there was a time capsule in it. Turns out they're opening it on

That's so soon! Kind of exciting ... I wonder if we were just as lame thirty years ago as we are now. I plan on being moved away from this dirty town by then ... but maybe if I remember, I'll come back just to take a look.

When we got home, we did a popsicle run to No Frills because it was just so unbearably HOT. Then Alex and Becky came over, and the plan was to sit outside and play cards, but it was just so HOT we had to come inside and watch the Office for a while until it cooled off a bit. Once it did we played some cards and walked to Subway for supper. Becky and Lana had to go home after a bit and Alex and I watched the Birdcage. And, when I got out of the shower and the bathroom window was open, I could hear so many coyotes howling, and that's cool. I also realized, I'm pretty good at describing the days events in one quick paragraph.

I'm worried I might be getting a tan!! I don't like tans ... I like to keep my nice, pale, goth vampire complexion.

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