Sunday, April 25, 2010

Almost done...


Today we ALL had to wake up early just so we could get the girls choir to their performance at 8:40. Then we had to stay there until about 1:00 so they could do their clinic. Finally, we left to go the Old Spaghetti Factory. Upon boarding the Love Bus, I saw Landon looking quite ... uhm, manly? in Sarah's mom's shirt.

I am not a huge fan of the Spaghetti Factory ... or restaurant pasta in general. Pastas in restaurants are either undercooked, overcooked, or seriously lacking in flavour. This particular time, it was lacking in flavour and I think was a tad undercooked. We had about an hour to wander around afterwards, and I went to the drugstore and found some fun things. These fake nails were only $2 per (hopefully they work okay, if not I think I should have some better glue at home), and these are the COOLEST cards I have ever seen! The queens are the best. They are Bicycle brand, and they're called "Tragic Royalty."

We went straight back to the Centre after that hour was over, so the jazz kids could do some workshops. The rest of seriously had nothing to do all day, but wait around in the Centre. At least I had some cards now! Actually we were playing with my Nightmare cards ... well, now I had TWO decks.

At 6:00 the orchestra played. We were the ONLY strings group in the whole festival. I'm not sure if that's really cool, or kind of embarrassing in a way, haha. And when we went out there to the audience, which was pretty much only our school, we were greeted like we were a rock band or something, because they were all yelling and making such noise, already it is not your typical orchestra concert. I felt we did really really well in our performance. We don't have clinic til tomorrow, so I guess we won't find out how we did til then. And, being the only strings group, they don't even have anyone there who knows about strings. Should be ... interesting.

Next we had a "student social" thing. All the schools were invited to a little dance kind of thing, so we went and we were the only school there for the first hour ... Finally when another school showed up, they kept to themselves a lot. Last year when our school went a festival in Toronto, there were so many people to meet at the dance and it was so much fun! But this time, it was very different. Also, we had a live band playing, and they covered two of the five bands that should never be covered. Those bands are: No Doubt, Heart, Queen, Michael Jackson, and the Police. The nerve!!

Valerie, me, Kei Lei. Valerie is probably the ONLY cool female Juggalo I have ever met. She's awesome. Kei Lei probably doesn't have a clue what a Juggalo even IS. But she's cool too :) This is a terrible picture! Haha.

Our school left early ... blah, I was having fun turning love songs into hardcore mosh pits. They wanted us to go to a jazz concert, which turned out to be really fun. I personally love jazz. Unfortunately halfway through, I got a huge headache and every sound they made hit me in the forehead and shoved my brain out my ears and I had to sit outside for a bit. I'm hoping it's just because I'm tired. I'm so glad that we are leaving tomorrow.

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