Sunday, April 18, 2010

I hate cats.

For some reason, cats like to adopt our family. A couple of years ago on Halloween, a black cat followed my sister home and stayed on our porch, wasting away until finally we had to feed him (we already had two cats, so we definitely had cat food). And as we all know, once you feed an animal, it's yours. We let the SPCA know that we found the cat, but no one claimed him and he became ours officially. One of the two cats we already had went out one day since then and probably got eaten by a coyote or something. I am the worst cat person in the world. Three cats is FOUR cats too many.
Yesterday, we found


on our front porch. She stayed there all day and she was still there this morning, so we took pity on her and let her in. I actually didn't mind this cat ... in fact, I think me and her got along quite well. And, as my brother so intellectually put it, she had a long middle part.

Long middle part.

She had such a cute face too. Our other cats just look like cats ... I don't know how else to explain it. But this kitty had the sweetest face. She was just such a sweetheart. My parents took her to the SPCA right away though. Those meanies! The SPCA gives five days for the owner to come and get her. After those five days, she goes up for adoption and I am going to get her! Hehehe <3

END RANT ABOUT THE CAT. I went to see Kick-Ass tonight with Alex and Naythan. It was actually a pretty good movie. I would reccomend it. It was funny and action packed and the romance stayed at a good low, which I like. I wasn't expecting how morbid it was though ... not that that's a bad thing. Nothing wrong with some nice, creative, twisted ways to die. Nothing wrong at all.


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