Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Evil clouds ...

After school, I was sitting on my deck enjoying ANOTHER 30 degree day pondering what I should do, when I saw our black cat, who we call BlackCat. I had the impulse to take his picture, so I did. He was very camera shy though, and the only one I managed to take of his face was one with his tongue sticking out.

Then I decided to go to the library because I had a book to return, and as I was heading out the door Alex phoned me. Since he lives close to the library, he just walked there and I drove and met him there. They didn't have the book I want right now, so I left empty handed but Alex let me borrow some books of his. That's nice of him =)

Me and Alex just hung out at my house for a bit. Maigyn wanted us to come to a little shindig thinger at my church, so we went to pick up Lana and go to it. Unfortunately, she forgot to let us know that we had to pay to get in, so we ended up just turning around and going right back home. Ah well. We hadn't had supper anyway, so we came back to my house to eat some quasedillas. We played so many card games all evening. We even played extreme Spoons where we played on my kitchen table and placed the spoons at the top of the slides at the playground about six or seven houses down from mine. Lana took a video of it, but it is taking a very long time to upload, so for now, no video for us =(
After the hot hot day, these ominous clouds appeared.

(you can also see in this picture, none of the trees are even budding yet. The weather is NEVER this nice in April!)
For some reason in the picture, the clouds look a lot friendlier. It was actually really dark at this point. It rained for a bit, but it is now 1:17 AM and it hasn't stormed at all. There were a few thunder rumbles, but that was all. Hopefully this morning it storms! That would be cool.

I should be heading to bed pretty quick. I have to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow morning because my orchestra is going on a trip and we leave at 7:00. I have to make sure I have everything! I won't be able to update at all on the trip, but I am bringing my paper journal so I can record everything and I'll update all five missed days when I get back. Good night! See you next week!

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