Friday, April 16, 2010




I usually think that I am generally unlucky, but this morning went fantastic for me! First, I got brownies in orchestra (it's the last class of the semester so we had to do something special). Then, I managed to get out of English because they were watching some sort of thing called Shakespeare Abridged or something like that. It's quite entertaining the first time, but for some reason I have watched it four times already in my high school career, and the fifth time it's just annoying. So I asked to leave, and, surprisingly, was allowed! And instead of going to art, I went with Jen to Subway and had a delicious chicken and bacon wrap. Fridays at our school are half days so I had no classes after that. So we played


And here are the millions of pictures that I took to go with it. I was playing for a while, but soccer isn't really my sport (actually it's my least favourite sport, next to golf). I've just had too many accidents involving double nosebleeds and one of those wretched balls. Anyway ...

The game commences. Let's see if I can remember who everyone is. Melissa was playing goalie on the side closest to me at the time, so you can't see her in this picture. Starting from the left, there is Jackson, Nathan, Tamara, Jonathan, Jen, Ryan, Allison. Allison forgot to wear soccer playing clothes today.

We were joined later by Chris and Landon. This picture is so hilarious to me.

Simon says go left!

Simon says go right!

Here I am, the lovely photographer ;), and Delena, who was working on homework.

I had to give this vending machine mention! I wanted some Chews and was very pleased to find that there was a quarter in it already! I was so very pleased. Thank you, kind vending machine. I got twice as many Chews as I would have had (which is awesome for me, because they are a little addiction of mine)!

It was over 20 degrees by the time we were finished the soccer game, and I decided to go outside and read in the sunshine. I also brushed my dog. She hates getting brushed but it must be done! And she always gets two treats after for behaving.

My love chunk Alex and I took her on a nice long walk after dark. I love hot days because they make for nice nights for walking. She is getting pretty old (about 11 or 12 years) and sore and she was sick twice today (once on my leg!). Her fur is still soft though! I hope she stays for at least two more summers.


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