Saturday, April 24, 2010


This is what today looked like:

There are quite a few pictures in this entry, so let's get started, shall we?

So we went to the theatre again this morning so the jazz choir could perform. We had nothing to do during the jazz workshop/clinic so we found a little coffee shop/juice bar and had some muffins and bagels and tea. Inside that building, we found an atomic clock!

We had to Google what an atomic clock was ... I still don't quite understand, but apparently it is the most accurate measurement of time ever.

We found the condom machine in the bathroom to be absolutely hilarious and I just had to buy one!

The first photo says "In four daring neon colours" and the second says "4 delicious scents." Strawberry, banana, vanilla, spearmint ... I got vanilla. It smelled terrible.

Some silly pictures of me and the friends that like to play with my hair.

After the clinic we ventured out into the snow to do some shopping. Look at all the delicious little treasures I found!

We went for supper at Chili's and overflowed our booth with the lot of us. This is the closest I was able to get to a picture of everyone.

I went to the hot tub for the last time this evening (if I go tomorrow night I will have to pack a wet swim suit ... YUCK). Someone was having their bachelor party so there were so many drunk old men and I guess I'm pretty hot or something because I got hit on in the most disgusting ways ...
Our strings teacher came to our room to give us instructions for tomorrow and lunch money. She also showed off the pretty bruised foot which she received yesterday when she rolled her ankle.

Well, I should head 'er to bed because we're supposed to be on the bus by 7:40 tomorrow and we're all getting pretty tired by now.

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