Thursday, April 15, 2010


So this is a new thing I am trying. I have kept a journal for a long time which I fill with my daily events, thoughts, and photos. But it was tiring because I had to print out, cut, and glue them into the pages, and all that writing was such a bother sometimes. I have decided to be kind of lazy but not, and try to keep up with technology. Here goes nothing.

Today was GORGEOUS. I am so excited for such a hot spring day! I saw the first bug of summer today as well. SO exciting! :D I was off to a bad start this morning... do you ever have mornings when you just feel so incompetant and nothing is doing what you want it to? I restarted my makeup four times! But my daddy bought me cookies before I went to school so I felt better.

You don't want to hear about my boring school day ...

After school, my friends Sarah and Jen, and my siblings Em and Jackson and I went to No Frills, which just opened today. The prices were terrifyingly low, it just blew my mind! I rode in the cart and stared in awe at the $5 frozen pizzas. We bought two of those pizzas, three different kinds of popsicles, and some weird drinks we had never heard of that were only $0.69 each. Those drinks ended up being pretty disgusting unfortunately ... but it was fun to try them. The popsicles and pizzas were excellent though!

Sarah went home because she had some stuff to do, and the rest of us went on a walk and Em practiced unicycling. I broke my toe a couple of days ago and it was feeling better but after the walk it felt sore again. Oh well, broken toes heal fast! ... and STILL, waiting for them to get better is annoying.

Today a girl with one of those weird back-combed emo-mullets told me my hair looked stupid ... I'm too nice, but I wanted to ask her what does she know about hair?! Being a pacifist though, I chose not to reply.

That pretty much sums up today! Oh, but I think I may have lost the locket that was on my necklace on our walk. It was such a pretty locket too, it was heart shaped and engraved. No sentimental value, but it was really nice looking and I'm disappointed that it disappeared. Maybe I didn't lose it on the walk and it will turn up. Hopefully...

Good night!

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