Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 2

Look what happened overnight!

It had all just melted back home, too! As much as I LOVE snow, I'm kind of ready for it to be summer ... At least it's pretty warm today!

My roommates are kind of silly ... they used a LOT of soap in the dishwasher and there was a huge mess to clean up.

I didn't get a picture of it AFTER they had opened the door, but there were bubbles EVERYWHERE. We had to do a lot of scooping, transferring the bubbles to the bathtub to send them off down the drain and what not ... some girls just lack commonsense, I guess. I wonder how much soap they DID put in, because there was seriously a LOT of bubbles.

Anyway, here is the bear that stands just outside the hotel lobby. I made friends with him.

We started the day with a choir performance. Oh my gosh, the adjudicator was so cute! He was most likely gay (well, OBVIOUSLY gay) and he said stuff to us like, "You guys were just so delicious," and, "You're hot and you know it!" He didn't really have anything bad to say about our group either. He just gave us some tips on musicality. Our conductor likes to make sure we are very precise with our diction and intonation, but she doesn't really get us into the music ... does that make sense?

This is a mountain outside the centre where we were performing. Breanna and I could see a face in it.

There was also a bust of Bela Bartok inside the centre. I always laugh about Bartok because the name Bartok always sounded like a Pokemon to me. Apparently he was NOT a Pokemon, because this bust looks pretty much human.

After the choir's adjudication we watched the jazz band perform, then stuffed 100 people into the little hot springs, then went to a concert featuring some choral groups from Vancouver. I thought it was silly that they put the hot springs right in between everything because my eyebrows could have melted off! Do you see the potential danger? The choirs were very good though, and we had a good time.

Also, we christened the purple bus "the Love Bus" today.

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