Thursday, August 5, 2010

UUUUGHHH. Why do I seem to have such bad luck with concerts? First I had rare tickets to see MEATLOAF, and he got sick so no Meatloaf for me. And I found out a couple days ago actually that Lady Gaga was going to be doing a show about four hours from here that I would have loved to see on the 26th. But guess what? It was sold out the first week tickets went on sale, so even if I had known about it earlier, I doubt I would have gotten the chance to snatch some. BUT: there IS a Lady Gaga inspiration fashion show contest thing that I COULD do. If it wasn't tomorrow which is my birthday and I am staying in town for that. I could totally do that though, my style IS inspired by drag queens so I have some pretty outrageous stuff that I could throw together. And probably the fact that I actually LOOK like Lady Gaga would raise my chances at winning ... but NOOO, no Lady Gaga for Blythe :(

P.S. I'm not really sure if I do look that much like Lady Gaga, at work customers have come up to me and said I looked just like Lady Gaga, and when I just go out and about I get strangers saying that as well. Even my sister said she reminded her of me when Lady Gaga was on Ellen a while back ... huh. I definitely have a smaller nose than her...

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