Sunday, August 8, 2010


I thought I should probably update about my birthday, so I will do that today. First I went and had a bit of sushi with my love chunk. By a bit, I mean only the teeniest bit, because I was still recovering from my sudden flu attack on Thursday. Hmmm, happy birthday, let's spend the day in the bathroom ... hmm ... yes. After that ... well, we didn't have much to do. So we just hung out at his place for a bit, he got me trying out a game called Brutal Legend ...? I think that's what it's called ...? Ah well, I couldn't figure out how to get out of the first room. So I tickled him.


Well, he left me to figure out Brutal Legend while he went and picked up my birthday present which he, as usual, left until last minute to do. But he got me awesome stuff, let's see, a pretty necklace, the new KoRn CD (at the moment I forget what it's called ...) and Rocky Horror Picture Show, which I have been meaning to buy for myself but always forgot to. Yay for birthday presents! From my parents I got all my school supplies (oh speaking of which, my transcripts finally came in the mail so I'm going to have to submit those to my school tomorrow I guess) and a fly trap. I forgot my camera at Alex's house because I'm retarded but I will have to post a picture of him. I named him Fluffy ... or at least I call him Fluffy for now, until I can think of something more creative.

We went out to Boston Pizza with all my buddies where I ordered two drinks for the first time using my own ID! I don't like to drink a lot, but I had to order to drinks because the first one turned out to suck and taste like stale water ... but the second one was a cocktail that included Sour Puss and I love Sour Puss so I found it exponentially better than the other drink. Then we all headed to my house to play some games and just hang out for the rest of the evening! It was fun.

Last night was also very much fun for me because my love chunk took me out to a restaurant which I have always heard many good things about but have never been able to try because I was still a little guy. It's called a 'family restaurant' which is strange because as it turns out if you wanted to take your family there to eat, your little sibling will have to wait in the car because there are no minors allowed. Alex and I shared a quasadilla and it was, indeed, delicious. Turns out all the good things about the food were true! What do you know.


  1. Ah crap. I can't believe I missed wishing you Happy Birthday! I haven't really been on the net in the past 3 weeks. Definitely sounded like a lot of fun and a lot of awesome gifts (esp. RHPS & the fly trap).

    And your 18th too! ah well... Also, I think Family Restaurant is a vague term. Hooters is a family restaurant...

  2. It,s nice to just disapear once in a while :)